Will The Biggest Open World Space Game Ever Be Finished?

Star Citizen is one of the biggest crowd-funded game projects ever, but we still don’t have our hands on the final version of the game. Let’s take a look at why.
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  1. This game is a big fiasco in history of gaming …

  2. The fact that the earlier backers can talk about the amounts they contributed in terms of "adjusted for inflation" is hilarious

  3. Yup, Chris Roberts lives a very nice lifestyle off your contributions to a never ending development project. Wing Commander money was spent a long long time ago, but this shady dual-citizen has found a way to get your money to keep that nice house of his (and a not too shabby car I might add).

  4. They took 300 MILLION AND ARE ASKING THOUSANDS FOR IN GAME SHIPS???? You gotta be shittin me

  5. By the time Star Citizen is released Elon Musk is going to be Mars Citizen .

  6. I think you misunderstood the $1,000 package. That’s a real space ship 🚀

  7. They should finish this game just in time for there to no longer be any PCs or consoles to play it on. We'll be playing modern games inside our minds at that point. You'll have to build a PC out of decades old components just to load this up and behold all these spiffy art assets which – although they look good now – will look to us like pacman by that point.

  8. People who think this game will ever be complete are the type of people to buy magic beans

  9. Chris Roberts, what the absolute clusterfuck are you doing?!

  10. As a star citizen is now, it is a game that will take place in the future, and when it is released, it will take place in the past

  11. "It will be done when it's done" Remind me when the kickstarter hits it 15year anniversary

  12. Well I just logged in for the first time in a year – the game hangs for 2 seconds every 3 seconds…. on a high end gaming pc… and all my 7 000 000 UEC is gone.. not even in beta yet. I give up.

  13. Feels like cyberpunk 2.0 but one that's never releasing.

  14. When it will be released we will be riding spaceships irl

  15. Battlefield 2042, Cyberpunk 2077, this one Guardians of the Galaxy game i cant even remember the name, more then 1 assassins game, No Man Sky, i could count many more but all thes where released cause it needed to be. All shit in the shining armor. I don´t care anymore. For 45 euro i get a game which is playeble and get better. I paid 60 for Titanfall 2 and thats not even playeble anymore and where only for about 1 year till the developer released the last patch and that only cranked the prices in the ingame shop up. I hope they keep caring about the game and about the community because htat they listen is make the waiting time better. Is it to long? yes. Longer then every other game ever made? maybe? i mean most studios don´t even tell that there is a game in development till they got a more or less good roadmap together which is smarter for the stupid folks that can´t understand the industrie behind such an product.

  16. Go into presistant universe man.. play it a bit instead of just flaming it.. try the missions..you covered the completely empty side of the game and left the important bit.

  17. I don't get what all the fuss is about. Your opinion seems valid and I think other creators are putting words in your mouth. I enjoy star citizen, in spite of it's significant flaws, and I've also been frustrated by it.

  18. Not like they had to recreate a whole new engine or anything. Not like making an engine takes 2 months. Taken dice and ea many years to perfect frostbite and fucked it up with 2042. What worse games being released as finished product and being more buggy than this. Bf42, halo, COD, 2k, madden 19-22, CyberPunk, all twice as buggy as this. But this is a waste of money. What about all the other games released in the last couple years? They haven't been nay better and they are using the same engine year after year.. but yeah it only takes a couple months to recreate an engine…. 10 year old engine and the graphics impress you. Weird…..

  19. This has been the worst review for a game that gameranx has released.

  20. For anyone being smart enough to sort by Date on comment. This video is waaaaaaay off. This is one Gameranx did minimum research and probably just looked up current reviews on the top AAA review websites. Every ship minus the Polaris he looked at was in-game, and if it isn't in-game there is a loaner ship they give you to use.

  21. You should try the game instead of talking about it. All the ships you are talking about, you can fly now, (Except the Polaris which is in the pipeline), also when you have a starter pack, all the ships can be bought for free ingame (For ingame currency)

  22. This video is misleading and not well informed

  23. I usually like gameranx for background content, but seriously dude a slander video without proper research? Why not get in contact with the top content creators and actually do your research next time. Bored, Morph, Inforunners, Subliminal are all fantastic resources you could have utilized but decided to create in ignorance.

  24. I believe by this point it’s deliberately slow.
    Pre release they can justify the monetisation as it’s to fund the idea of this game. Post release people probably won’t be as inclined to pay for higher end, as it’s no longer to fund its development as such.

    So I believe it’s a case of they’ll earn more drip feeding it’s development rather than release it. I hope I’m wrong.

    It’ll sharp get released once another developer makes a similar game thats for sure.

  25. There is so much here that is just blatantly wrong. You should actually play the game and research your claims.

  26. By the time they release it we will all be Star Citizens for real !

  27. 300+ milion dolar and shit luncher…


  29. Here is a much shorter version to explain Star citizen in a nutshell. A guy gives someone 20 bucks to go to the store to buy some Milk. The guy does what he was asked and buys the milk and give it to him as promised. But he also bought a bunch of other things with the rest of the money and gave back no change. Here is your milk Starcitzen.

  30. The game should have been segmented into one galaxy at a time, get one part finished and put it out while working on the second part and so on

  31. I just can't find a completed game that gives me the experience Star Citizen does.
    I wake up in my bed on a planet in a city. I then walk to a train station ..maybe buy some stuff from shops on way .
    I get on the train and go to a space station . I get a lift to a hanger pad and walk to my ship.
    I board my ship then walk inside my ship till I reach the cockpit .
    I start my engines …request take off.
    I take off and see the city beneath me get smaller as I pass through the clouds .
    I eventually gèt through the atmosphere and I'm in space….
    Where do I go now ….im off today to pick up some friends …we are going bounty hunting ….we need to pick up some provisions as we are going to be on the ship quite a while today…they will be manning the turrets ……
    I totally agree with what your saying in video ….but
    No other game seems to give me this atmospheric experience.
    Great video mate 👍

  32. Dude, this shit still isn’t out? They just took 300 million and barely work on this. Lmfao. Sounds like they waiting way way wayyyyy to long to complete it and Star Field took their idea and not only made it better but made it 13 years quicker….yikes

  33. The thing is, every game and especially extremely ambitous ones like SC have minor and major issues during development, its just that with SC these issues are there for all to see.
    I'll be patient with it, but I only recently started backing it, can't imagine how I'd feel plediging like 10k in 2012 hoping for a 2015 release.
    But you can't deny there is progress being made continuously and it starts feeling like a proper now.

  34. The worst part of this project taking so long, yet making so much money is that it clearly shows there is a market for a Privateer and Freelancer reboot, but no one else is willing to capitalize on it. A problem with Chris Roberts is that he thinks we all want his vision of a complete and complex universe that clearly won't work or won't be able to be completed in a lifetime. Just give us something decent, not perfect.

  35. gta 6 will come out before this game comes out

  36. Mainstream developers should look at making their games modular and interoperable with each other.

  37. a year later
    and nnothing much has changed in star cizitzen xD
    good thing is tho they are giving us 10 days to play for free
    20th may to 31st of may

  38. My friends and I all bought complimentary backer ships, average of $150, with the intention of forming a corp. It's been so long that we've all drifted apart, started families, and no longer even talk to each other.

  39. thats because if you have 300mill in the bank which you thought you never get, they are most likely spent most of it on themselves with houses and cars etc

  40. This game will never be finished. If everbody beforehand knew the game would 13 years later be in in its current state, they wouldn't have raised this much money. I'm sure that even most of the die hard defenders of this game wouldn't have backed it if they knew then what they know today. It's a big failure as a game but it has some nice features as a tech demo. Once a year I fire it up to see what's changed and it's always still the same old laggy single system with bugs and low framerates. But I do enjoy looking at the beautiful planets from space and just walking around on the surface doing … err… nothing… 🙂

  41. it lacks the one thing that makes a good space game, space exploration. wtf do you do if there’s no unique planets to explore

  42. i am so sorry for everyone who’s spent money on this game. i really hope it turns out good

  43. They are not just building a game, they are building a universe

  44. I bought the starter pack. The cheapest one and its good to fly around in the world but there isn't really much to do. And they wipe your progress every so often. So its pretty much pointless playing it.
    I mainly bought it for Squadron 42 the single player portion of the game. But that's still not done yet either.
    This game is dead. I wasted money on it. Never again will I buy an unfinished game. I learned my lesson.

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