When 4 Players Salvage Massive Wrecks – Star Citizen Multicrew & Crafting

Ever wondered what operating a massive salvage ship in the depths of space might be like? I teamed up with @SaltEMike in Star Citizen’s biggest salvage ship the Reclaimer to find out.

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  1. What they should do is move the pilots ‘desk’ to the top of the screen/cockpit. Would solve all the issue

  2. The Reclaimer is an insane ship, incredible interior and amazing industrial look. Now that we’re actually seeing its gameplay loop coming online, it’s a fantastic ship in every way for an industrial crew looking to do salvage like this.

  3. So how much is Star Citizen paying you to continue peddling their scam game? lol

  4. What i find annoying is most these types of channels is they clearly dont follow the development and understand what elements are coming vs what is just mythos of the community.
    Salvage game play is currently T0, but the road map shows that even the HULLS you see left after removing the RMC will be salvageable. IE the hulls and frames will be able to recycle in future salvage tiers.
    Let's not bother knowing anything about the development, let's just record and ramble about what is not there out of ignorance.

  5. If this gameplay looks cool to you @LevelCapGaming, check out the game Hardspace: Shipbreaker for a taste of what this game play loop could include in Star Citizen.

  6. Great Video, Got a small salvage Crew together myself and cant wait for the to hit the PU

  7. I'm nervous the salvaging wont be a very profitable playstyle. Yeah you can make a lot with the Reclaimer but you are going to have to split that amongst your crew. The Vulture looked better but you are only pulling what looks to be ~30k per haul.

  8. I totally understand if PTU is buggy, but the sad thing is that it is not much better in the PU. For me I may have maybe 1-2h tops to play per day and constantly having to restart/refill/travel back to where it went to hell (bugs) it is not for me…. yet. But it is so beautiful and interesting.
    Next year maybe.

  9. 3rd person is a huge crutch in this game because they either cant or wont figure out how to make actual in universe sensical ways for pilots to see whats around them

  10. I like the idea of having the option to view remote turret video feeds from the pilot's MFDs. It would make a good in-universe solution to the MFDs obstructing the pilots view. It would be great on multi-crew mining ships like the Mole too 😀

  11. These reclaimers will become pirates' favourite targets.

  12. This week LevelCap and crew go hunting Xenos in the Nostromo. 😉

  13. Anyone know if they'll ever add a real 3rd person camera for ships?
    It wouldn't take away from combat, precise shots would still be done in 1st person

  14. Hmm, I think there needs to be a buffer between the direct salvaging and the box deployment, like a slightly larger internal storage, so the people up front can keep working

  15. As far as the pilot view this is what happens when ship development happens before gameplay. They made the ship placed the pilot view where it was and then also pleased the harvesting lasers where they were but then when gameplay now the pilot can't see what the harvester see which is totally the wrong design. This is true for many ships that's not a fighter.

  16. I am definitely enjoying seeing more gameplay options fleshed out. We have come a long way since driving my Greycat around my hangar.

  17. Is it possible to buy Star Citizen in Australia??

  18. Not so sure about the added salvaging game play, Hardspace is hard enough without outside distractions.

  19. When the reclaimer is fully functional it will have a grinder on board

  20. There's a sad realistic part of me thinking that for all the awesomeness of this and future mechanics… this ship will not really be used for this. For all the great detail and "life" that stuff like this brings on, it is in sense of players "busywork". Everything that isn't flashy shooty hero action, is busywork and that never stays for long.

  21. the reclaimer reminds me of the Nostromo from Alien

  22. Super dope video, but one small critique about the gaming community, when I heard “the space between the cockpit and the elevator is too long, I want a horizontal elevator” I heard us kind of shoot ourselves in the foot. With games like this we don’t want to fast track a whole lot of gameplay or it wouldn’t be star citizen it’d be some other more Arcady type game. So as a whole moving forward we should talk about buffs to the player or just having ships that can come aboard that makes things a lil easier. In the effort to be faster or lazier in the game we remove the intrigue of the simulator like gameplay that we get.

  23. How is the performance nowadays? I remember installing it about a year ago and it was a really bad experience most of the time. Far better than 5 years ago when I pledged, but nowhere near acceptable for me to "play" it longer like half an hour.

  24. So you have all that space tech to evaporize engineering products and beam them over.. but you still need to stack crates by hand?

  25. Why are you SCAMMING your audience lvlcap?????? Stop getting your viewers to buy into this Ponzi.

  26. I suppose they could take a leaf out of Hardspace: Shipbreaker's book and dive really deep into the salvaging mechanics. It would be fun to tear a ship apart by hand for the expensive inner bits instead of tractor-beaming a flat plate.

  27. i will be 75 years old when this game reaches completion… if putin doesnt nuke the shit out of us

  28. My PC can run God of War max setting just fine and I cant even play this game without FPS constantly drop to 1

  29. Imagine if you could use weapons that just disable ships, like EMPs, after taking it's shield out and just savlavage it relativley intact. Could make for some cool combat based salavge ships

  30. The UEE nom nom nom best name for a reclaimer ^^

  31. Cool that the gun turrets are right behind the scraper beams. One of the few well thought out things this devs have come up with

  32. Im scandinavian until Star citizen adds scandinavian keyboard support i cannot play the keybindings do not match.

  33. I wish I had a pc to play star citizen 🙁 but they are so expensive

  34. Ofc starfarer was first really large ship for you. It was for everyone.

  35. This reminds me of the ship from the Callisto project when i checked out the interior of a friends

  36. How much is the reclaimer and is this a ship and prases some one can do solo?

  37. You're lucky you can even get into the game. I'm on infinite loading screen and I'm not resetting my account again until they fix it.

  38. Star Citizen is a scam that will never be completed. They'll keep dragging it out and begging for more money and keeping you buying ships you'll never get to use.

  39. Its seems when it ejecting box you have to stop harvest, bacause its destroying ship but not giving any scrap until you get new box.

  40. I really wanted to get into this game so bad. I just got fed up with all the bugs, ship randomly blowing up, ground combat being really buggy. I plan on revisiting sometime in the future so hopefully they with iron out most of the issues.

  41. wheres the random eclipse one shotting it lol x.x

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