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  1. Listening to We’ll Meet again while looking for my crush.

  2. punch everyone around even if it’s friends/family I don’t care. I’ve wanted to try using a human punching bag so I might aswell try it with the time I have left and won’t live to see the consequences. So it’s a win win in my case 😏💪🔥

  3. I would tell my girlfriend how much I love her and I don't regret a single thing and if I had a chance to live life all over again I would do it all the same just so i can be with her.

  4. i take my cat and go downstairs into the apartment of my parents (yeah i am lucky enough that we live THIS close together ) and spend my time with our 2 cats and my parents. if i am lucky my brother will be there too (he also lives near)

  5. This nuke really thinks it can kill me? Fuck it I'm doin it first

  6. Robing a bank is what I will do

  7. Probably tying a whole bunch of fireworks to me and becoming a human light project

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