What Happens if you Fall From Space in 13 Open World Games

What Happens if you Fall From Space in 13 Open World Games

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Video Contains
00:00 Intro
00:05 Minecraft
00:51 GTA 3
02:05 Los Angeles Crimes Online
02:51 GTA Vice City
03:58 indian bikes driving 3d
04:42 Bully Scolarsihip edition
05:48 Roblox
06:47 GTA San Andreas
08:19 Red Dead Redemption 2
09:00 GTA 4
10:18 Mafia Definitive Edition
11:16 GTA 5
13:38 OUTRO(Thanks For Watching

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  1. Bully, a video game from Rockstar Games, is set in a fictional American town during the 21st century. Although the characters and locations are fictional, the game was based on real-world United States, drawing inspiration from places such as New England, Los Angeles, and Chicago. On the surface, the game looks like any realistic open-world game: you explore the town, make friends, defeat rival gangs, and explore the various environments. However, deeper exploration reveals a world that looks like Earth yet feels alien and surreal, with exaggerated and fantastic elements. For instance, one can find a huge mountain shaped like a skull in the town, or discover a spooky old mansion overrun by a powerful witch. The environment is filled with quirky elements such as giant trees, colorful signs, and weirdly shaped houses. The player often has access to a car that they can drive around while exploring the town. The overall atmosphere of Bully is one of fun and discovery as the player gets to enjoy its unique features with an awe-inspiring experience.

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  7. Hola bro veo que el título esta en español recien me doy cuenta xd 😂

  8. That rocket mod in Minecraft java edition was Cool

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