We Pulled The Worst PvP Military Operation in Space Games History, Empyrion – Botching an Invasion

Luca The Guide
How we botched an invasion by underestimating the environment in Empyrion – the story


Veterans of the half-hour conflict: MoronicMercury, Jexia Galleta, Troten Dawn, Me


  1. I did notice that there's no shields ….Build a base and go for the strongest guys. Hmmmm. Building meaningful firepower takes time!!!!

  2. This sounds a lot like something that would happen in real history. Thx for sharing it!

  3. Well, if you're gonna fail, might as well fail spectacularly.

  4. I feel like he has a future in military intelligence

  5. i like this format and the story, nice vid.

  6. There's this thing called scouting a location before you attack…

  7. It seems to me you guys had a decent plan for the assault but you went in with little intel and not enough manpower/logistics. I highly suggest for your next assault to send in a recon team to gather planet and tactical data so you can achieve more with less people. I absolutely loved that you documented this. It felt like a battle documentary and was surprisingly entertaining. But yeah, a recon team could tell you defenses, climate, activity and most importantly, where to touchdown and where to attack.

  8. Worse attack ever. But at least it was funny

  9. That looked like a fun invasion! I just started play empyrion and haven't delved into multiplayer yet, this might convince me.

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