We FINALLY real IMPLANTS in Eve Echoes!

Eve Echoes space game FINALLY releases real IMPLANTS for us.
Or do they?
Use this to improve even more.

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  1. Let goo waiting for stream rewatching some vids

  2. I would very much predict implants would work more like cerebral accelerators, temporary boosts to certain characteristics, and then their upgrades would amplify their effects or the time they are effective for. Hope they work like that only.

  3. We're finally getting Breast Implants bruh?

  4. My hype just got to the next level after I saw the Aoen

  5. I got those and i don't know what they r at all

  6. I'm not sure how to feel these will surely improve our ship stats but the gap between multiboxers and single account players is gonna increase substantially.

  7. Now this sounds exciting. Implants could give clones an edge. I am really curious about the anniversary and what events they have in store for us. All for having fun all across New Eden. 😀

  8. What this could be? More stuff account bound non tradeable. Which is more exclusive account based microtransactions 😔

  9. This is amazing hopefully they increase ship stats aswell

  10. Have some new information about insurance system?

  11. Omg! 😱 Snoring sounds! Wife says I Snore a lot! :/
    And Implants. Yea I remember when I played Eve online. I used Pvp Clones without implants (Implants are destroyed if you lose your Pod) And had clones for materials Reprocessing and skill training Bonus Implant. But yea currently the Jump Clones I have has 36h cooldown. So can’t Change clones so rapidly as I need and the Implants are Destroyed if your Pod is popped. :/

    I noticed you chainge the Intro Music. 😛 Nice 👍

  12. great, meaning more clone bound content we can't use unless we pay real money probably..

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