Was Warhammer 40K: Space Marine As Good As I Remember?

It’s been almost 12 years since Warhammer 40K: Space Marine was released and I last played it and with Space Marine 2 set to finally releasing later this year, I was curious to see how this game holds up today. I don’t remember the game being perfect but I do remember having an absolute blast with the game and that’s what I’m expecting today. So, let’s find out if Warhammer 40K: Space Marine was as good as I remember?

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Introduction – 00:00
Story – 02:38
Gameplay – 05:42
Conclusion – 11:30
Outro – 12:38

Was Warhammer 40K: Space Marine As Good As I Remember?

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  1. The funny thing that Leandros is not by the books in the end. He snitches his captain to the Inquisition, when he was supposed to snitch him to the Chaplains of their chapter

  2. Campaign is decent…multiplayer is a sweatfest or just entirely unplayable.

  3. This Space Marine game never bought my attention. It look like it deeply wanted to be Gears of War. The sequel however looks amazing. I’m relly looking forward to Space Marines 2.

  4. Did you ever play overlord 1 or 2? Are those as good as you remember?

  5. I played this game for the first time last year! It was awesome despite its flaws! Super excited for the sequel! The Emperor Protects. P.S. just now commenting because YouTube never notified me of this even though I have “All Notifications “ selected. May need to contact a Tech Priest

  6. Great video man it's been a minute. I've never played this game bitten looks pretty fun.

  7. Does anyone remember Warwind? That was the best rts i played before warcraft 3 and dawn of war came out

  8. Yes it was as good as I remember. You could unlock everything in game. Bet the new one you have to buy all the skins

  9. Remember the buying this game the day it came out, not knowing what Warhammer was or even that familiar with third-person action games but I remember beating it within 4 days and loving every minute of it

  10. This is a game I am currently going through, currently at chapter 9. I was also wanting to make a video on it but honestly I kind of got bored of it, the game gets quite repetitive even if you're switching weapons constantly, I do agree the story is not great, I know close to nothing about WH40K and this was going to be my entry game into the franchise, needless to say I regret it now. Honestly I don't regret getting spoiled by your video, not sure if I'm going to be beating it now. Great video!

  11. This game was my introduction to Warhammer 40k, the game can be repetitive but man that feeling of executing the orks felt great everytime.

  12. I really wish they would remaster the first one before the release of SM 2

  13. Need me some RTS retrospectives from you one day! Would love to hear your views on the Command and Conquer franchise

  14. You pronounced my name right 🥳🥳🥳 so many people fail to 😩 thank you!

  15. I remember buying this game for cheap I didn't know what Warhammer was I only bought it cause the cover looked cool and I'm so glad I bought the game that day super stoked for space marine 2

  16. Great review as always!

  17. The King with another banger!
    Super keen to see how the sequel squares up with the Nids, modern tech hopefully gonna let us see some beautiful hordes t mow down with a chainsword.
    This one really feels like a blueprint caught between two different ends. Either a hack and slash with the Orcs, or a stripped down TPS without cover mechanics with the CSM bois. Hopefully they can focus in more thoroughly on the sequel.

    Good shit as always fam. When that Fire Warrior video coming?

  18. good video is it ok if I ask you a question

  19. Space Marine is what I like to refer to as a "No Nonsense Game," in the same category as Doom and Dark Souls/other Fromsoft titles. No Nonsense meaning it gets you playing the game and thinking about the game with little to no extra nonsense. High action gameplay without forcing the player into lengthy cutscenes, overly complex story beats, and or philosophy. These elements may be there, but the player is not forced to engage with them. The benefit is that it lets the devs focus on what they're good at and respects the players time.

    This makes them similar to a lot of RTS games. Take Company of Heroes as an example; WW2 was massively complex, the innumerable books and films on the historical context and philosophies surrounding WW2 providing piles of insight into the politics and people of the war. That's not what I'm here for, though. I had a boring day at work and I want excitement from fighting a big battle with witty voicelines, cool guns, and tanks getting blown up. Space Marine is the same: an exciting gameplay loop with good visual and sound design to feed that back to the player.

  20. I've always wanted to get into these games, but I can never bring myself to because it's so dense. It feels like people are just shouting random nouns at you.

  21. I absolutely adore this game, I still play the online game mode as a way to pass time with my brother. The one thing that I always remember out of the story is how much of a whiny b*tch Leandros is

  22. the problem with no banter was probably because they chose ultramarines, they don't play games they see a job and get working. If we had Whitescars, Salamanders or spacewolves it would be so much more fun. What they should have done is use the deathwatch so we could get a broad and varied cast of personalities.

  23. This game was just "I want Gears of War. We have Gears of War at home"

  24. I remember being really weirded out that you played a space marine game where none of the main ones wore their helmets. I understand removing it for relaxed moments at a base or whatever but you're in combat not wearing your helmet, the thing they wear for combat.

  25. This game ran great on PS3


    Pretty please? 🙂

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