Was Dead Space as good as I remember? – A look at a new breed of horror game

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Join me as I explore the Ishimura possibly for the last time before the remake comes out.

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Ultima Online OST- Stones
A chunk of Dead Space’s OST
Most of Dead Space 2’s OST
A chunk of Dead Space 3’s OST
Rooftop Run – Sonic Unleashed

00:00- Intro
03:45- Setting up the game/Chapter 1
12:34- Level design and mechanics/Chapter 2
17:38- Cover shooters, turret sections and tentacles/Chapters 3 & 4
25:21- The Hunter and the Leviathan/Chapters 5 & 6
30:09- Factor ad
31:23- Ramping up the action/Chapters 7, 8 & 9
40:14- The precursor comics
44:04- Unitology and the Marker/Chapters 10 & 11
53:28- Aegis VII/Chapter 12
01:00:38- Final thoughts: Juggling action and horror
01:10:14- Outro

Thanks for watching!


  1. hate to say this seeing as Dragon Age Origin is my all time favourite game but you really DON'T want to do a video on DA2 as its the worst game in the series and even DA inquisition isn't much better

  2. UO theme comes on. Me: Vibing…and realising how old I have become.

  3. Damn… it has been a long time since I heard stones. Now you make me want to play Ultima….well at least remembering from back in the day..

  4. Whenever I replay this game I completetly turn off the BGM. It feels much more lonely and scary for me. More importantly though, it does not note the beginning and end of combat sections anymore. So I am constantly on edge.

    Isaac Clark: haha plasma cutter go BOOOOOOSH

  6. Awesome video! Will we be getting one on Dead Space 2? 🔥

  7. 43:20, alot of people miss that the visions the marker makes people see also eventually allows them to read the text on the markers as well. The text depicts "how to become a god or a renewed being" which the unitologists believe is their ultimate goal due to atlman deciphering the first marker. (Altman actually warns against the government from creating a biological culture because he saw the effects on dead fish around the first marker, the gov kills him to silence him making him a martyr, the gov wanted a way to control people) The text however when properly read and translated is essentially DNA/biological culture recipe, then went interacting with blood/wound will turn someone into a necromorph. That's why when convergence happens mass suicides take place for the necromorph biological mass to obsorb and become a hive mind.

    Also, Isaac like Altman can interpret the markers signals differently from other people, while still fucked up he can function normally. With said marker knowledge and able to metally "function" still Isaac becomes the next marker thematically because earth gov uses him in #2 to make new markers.

    Also from this point, gabe Weller surviving the ishimura as well has a child in the deadspace 2 dlc, the unitologists try to kidnap his wife and child knowing that somehow he survived the markers influences from the extraction game and seemingly know offspring of marker affiliated people that survive the markers signalling have some sort of special power/affiliation. The unitologists are seen referring to the necromorphs as "servants" and the necromorphs do not attack them.(if anything appear to control them) There is in game text the implies that the unitologists cover up Gabe's involvement on the ishimura so he can have his child. They even say they no longer have use for him in the game diologue.

    Fun facts: Deadspace 3 originally was going to be about the unitologists main spaceship that held all the frozen bodies but was destroyed or something in space, you would have to scavenge and repair your own ship in a sudo open world shipwreck to escape the necromorphs. The team wanted to actually do the fully functional derelict space ship idea from the first game and intended co-op to be about your own crew.

    However we know EA meddling was involved and a faster to market linear game was made.

    Alternatively for the remake I would have liked to see the ability to fix the ishimura in any order the player wanted almost Metroidvania style exploration but with over the shoulder gameplay. But again EA is playing it safe it seems.

  8. I liked this game but didn't finish it because I'm a weenie when it comes to horror

  9. Why are all governments in such horror games so stupid that they screw mankind to their doom?

  10. All of the answers to your questions about the Marker are actually in the game, the game just doesn't do a good job of making it clear. The pedestal doesn't turn off the Marker. In fact, the only information we have about the pedestal is in a text log and it's that it is a "transmitter" for the Marker's signal. So if anything, the pedestal would actually enable the Marker more.

    The idea in the first game is that the Marker acts like a "sacred relic" to the Necromorphs, which is why they can't get close to it, it's akin to a religious object that these creatures won't desecrate. This is supported by the fact that, when you get close to it in the game, you can hear some kind of religious chanting in Latin coming from it: "Sumus hic in morte, noster sanctus est". When translated, this would mean, "We are here in death, it is our saint". The whispers that you hear throughout the game say similar stuff, by pulling them from the game files you can easily listen to what they're saying. "Death is the beginning", "Bring us the Marker", "Help give purpose to the empty". These last two whispers would imply that the Hive Mind wants to be reunited with the Marker. This is what "make us whole" means. The Marker is all about unity (which is why the religion formed in its name is called Unitology); the messages written in Marker symbols throughout the game say things like "Unity is forever. Death is only the beginning. Keep us whole!", "Let us be one!", "The unity future of mankind is a physical journey that must be taken", "Death is a necessary step to new life".

    It's actually pretty simple stuff; the Marker wants to be reunited with the Hive Mind. That's the goal throughout the first game. The sequels obviously then expanded upon this and revealed what the "end goal" was.

    As a side note, the prequel comic was written by the game's writer and hints at this as well, when one of the characters suffering from the Marker's effects throws herself into the Hive Mind's nest while saying, "I'm ready. Make me whole."

  11. I got recommended this game because its apparently a horror that makes you feel like a badass (Love horror, can't handle horror games, love feeling like a badass though). I made it through maybe the first 20 minutes before I quit out of fear.

  12. Good video as usual

    37:14 I see this argument a lot but its not quite right – helm crew piloting the ship were killed – causing the ship to crash. The remainder then were killed by the necromorphs flooding in from the Ishumura

    59:16 these red artificial markers dont behave like the original black one – they are flawed imitations

  13. I still have "One on One" for my commodore64. Even though I haven't touched it in 28 years.

  14. I managed to place the beacon under the gyrator. Died many times and when I made it, it was a matter of milliseconds. I only realized that you can go outside when I couldn't disengage the asteroid after disabling the 2 tractor beams inside the ship.

  15. Problems with physics are related to you playing at unlocked FPS. For best experience should unlock original fucky 30FPS and then relock it at 60FPS by external means.

  16. Love your game reviews. Hoping DS remake will stay true to its roots and possibly make some in-game improvements.

  17. I feel like Dead Space 3 gets a worse rep than it deserves.

  18. i have no clue why they need to remake this game, guess cuz of how the 1st game didnt figure out how they wanted markers to work in the sequel?

  19. Feels a bit contrived that Isaac somehow didn't watch the whole log his wife sent LOL.

  20. Did you actually get the pc version to work? I had to play it on xbox Because I legitimately can’t get past the bit where isaac gets the plasma cutter. It literally bugs out at the tutorial and I can’t get out the door where you first shoot the lock.

  21. if in not wrong, wasent there a animated movie that is right before isaac arrives at the ishimura?

  22. "You can use any weapon" is what I liked most about Doom 2016, and a big part of the reason I was so lukewarm on Doom Eternal. The shift from "just use whatever you want dawg" to making every weapon a one clip wonder and enforcing the use of half a dozen sub-weapons.

    If I like the FEEL of a gun, I am going to use THAT gun. Not this other gun the game keep thrusting in my face like a late night park flasher.

    And so it is with that sentiment in mind I will say: The Line Gun is the best gun.

  23. Dead space's premise is almost exactly just event horizon. Dead space's enemies are almost exactly just the thing and the flood combined. Dead space's horror elements is almost exactly just the horror elements from alien. Everything dead space did was literally just take what existing horror media did and put it in a pot to stew, and yet dead space comes out feeling rather unique, I always liked that about it.

    I also think the game might have benefitted if you actually aren't told that you can cut off the limbs, instead being told in maybe chapter 2 or even 3. Have it something the player figures out on their own.

  24. If you look at the movie that came out before the game. Dead Space Downfall. The Slashers are able to just take more Body Shots and keep going. The guys that got the pod probably were not expecting something like that. Got caught off guard by the Slasher that took a couple out then jumped into the Vent. From there it doesn't have to kill the Marines. It just has to make it's way to the bridge and cause chaos. Bridge Crew at most would be armed with Pistols.

  25. Not every enemy drops items, unless you just won the lottery in your play through

  26. I prefer the silent Isaac over the non-silent Sebastian in Evil Within for example.
    I thoroughly enjoyed Dead Space (and the second game). Never finished the 3rd one in the series.

  27. I have on regrets in meeting you
    Should the day come that we are not together
    You will continue to shine like
    In my memories

  28. Earth Gov wants the markers back because they are desperately running low on energy sources, while the Markers seem to produce, or receive, seemingly infinite energy. I guess they just reached a point where are trying anything. Another explanation is that Markers corrupt minds so they make more markers, even if they rationally know they shouldn't – it's not traditional mind control, Markers don't make you worship them, but they cause psychosis, anxiety and make you think they are useful. Yes, EarthGov and Unitologists are fighting each other, with Unitologists fully embracing convergence while EarthGov having a more sober approach of studying the markers "safely" to extract they energy potential, however both groups are ultimately pushed by the Markers and the Brethren Moon, yes if the Unitologists win it's a straight forward victory with convergence and humanity becoming just another Moon, but if the EarthGov wins humanity still loses because there's no safe approach to the Markers, and humanity ends up dead anyways – it's just that the Markers can't specifically control for unitologists only.

  29. With respect to the ending and what the marker “wanted”. In DS3 it says that the endgame of the markers is to accumulate enough “necromorph” material to begin convergence and begin creating a brother moon. So with the retconning, I don’t think Nicole and Kyne wanted to turn the necromorphs off, they were bringing it back to the planet to begin convergence.

    My head cannon is that Kendra was corrupted just enough to want to cover the marker for her self, but not enough to be fully controlled by the hive mind.

    The real answer is “they were figuring it out as they went”

  30. I always think I know what I'm getting into with these videos, I get to the pissification, and I no longer do.

  31. what pissed me off about kendra's reveal was that she was able to shoot dr kine in the heart dispite being perpendicular to him

  32. i like how isaac is just modeled after the main DEV of the game lol

  33. There is something interesting about the doctor killing the captain. You are right he did go crazy, in the animated movie Dead Space Downfall we see the events play out from how the doctor saw it, in it he hallucinated that the captain broke free from the men restraining him and began strangling the doctor, which caused him to stab him in self defense

  34. The game is meant to be played on the hard difficultly. Then the games is actually more survival horror then action shooter.

  35. I liked 3 but I had to keep my mind on a track telling myself, "It doesn't matter for the series, this story is bs, but it's a fun game so I'll just ignore that and play."

  36. Doomie Grunt - Dead Malls & Derelict Digs says:

    "…Fall through the map when trying to take an elevator"
    Wait, what? How did you do that?

  37. That UO music intro, ah yes, the tune of many of my sleepless nights

  38. EA, it's in the game. Anyone else remember when that was their motto?

    Now it's: EA, give us your monies

  39. I love this game series but EA drove it into the ground with three. I'm surprised you didn't mentioned Callisto protocol which has the director from Dead space and it takes place in a prison like he originally wanted. When EA announced Dead space remake I felt like it was a slap in the face to him for years he tried to get it back and they wouldn't do anything with it until Callisto protocol got off the ground and all of a sudden hey new dead space remake. With that said we're getting like three dead space games I think four I can't remember what the fourth one was tho. But there is the remake, callisto protocol and ill. It's going to be cool to play the remake sure but I'm looking more forward to callisto i think a new setting is what this series needs

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