Warhammer: The Horus Heresy Cinematic Trailer

Watch massive armies fight, the Warmaster live up to his title, and a spaceship obliterate a Titan. #Adepticon #TheHorusHeresy

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  1. Loyalists vs traitors mmo in the 40k universe. Only in my dreams

  2. 역대급으로 잘 뽑힌 트레일러다 진짜

  3. Please, I'll pay a good amount of money to see a full-fledge animated series about Horus Heresy !

  4. goddamn this was so good. Kudo's to the animation team. We need a full series of this! I would pay top dollar

  5. Si el emperador de la humanidad fuera buen padre se hubiera envitado la herejía de Horus

  6. brilliant work on your animations and i just wish that you do more of these Horus heresy animations cause, you have the models for the Imperial Fists and the Sons of Horus so, show us as the audience more of this amazing thing

    other than that a bloody loved this and have watched it 5 or so times just cause of the quality and the bar this sets for animations AND Trailers

    also recently got my first Horus Heresy sets and am painting half of them Imperial Fists and if i can get my grubby bony hands on the right paints the others to be the Sons of Horus so i can have my own little Desk sized combat with a Contemptor Dreadnought in the mix

  7. We should have legion trailers like this for the Horus heresy

  8. "You did it, you defeated me, Horus 'Heresy' Lupercal. You really are the Warhammer 40,000."- The Emperor, 014.M31.

  9. I've lost count of how many times I've come to watch this trailer. Horus gives me goosebumps every single time. I lack words to express how much I love this.

  10. Such a memorable trailer. GW always makes great trailers. I wish they'd go back to their history and make short animations like this for important historical events like the Unification Wars with Thunder Warriors, Age of Apostasy for the rise of the Ecclesiarchy, War of the beast for some nice Orky balance, Vraks, Badab, Armageddon, Krieg. I would also include the often overlooked events of Titandeath in Beta Garmin.
    All such important campaigns in Warhammer 40k history and really fun to learn about.

  11. Thank you very much
    It's very cool


  13. One detail I love about this trailer is that it consistently depicts the loyalist forces coming in from the left side, and the traitors from the right

  14. workshop, does he say "Skies of Terra" or "Skies of terror"? This is an important question.

  15. This is what happens when you trust a guy named Horus Heresy

  16. "Spoiler", he did not make it
    But seriously, Horus had everything in his favor, or at least it seemed, so in the end It is all part of the Emperor's plan

  17. I wasn’t around for the Heresy’s First Edition.
    But I am having so much fun with Heresy Second Edition.
    I love the beakies, but I would LOVE for there to be a MK5 kit, as that is my absolute favorite armor type.
    On top of that can we PLEASE get a Horus Heresy show?
    Doesn’t even have to focus on the primarchs, just a show of the civil war, and the fighting happening between.

  18. Why is this not a show on Warhammer TV yet 😢. I really enjoyed the books

  19. as a person who understands main warhammer lore this hits hard

  20. This guy seems nice, hopes he wins and becomes the Warhammer 40,000

  21. If i have a bolter with 2 rounds in a room with horus and erebus, i would shoot erebus TWICE

  22. i cant wait for the series henry cavill is making .

  23. Gigachad Imperial Fist Praetor looked at the 10 foot tall indestructible demigod leading a galactic civil war and decided he was going to be the one to put a stop to it

  24. i'm mildly ashamed that i keep coming back to this video often enough to see it just after comments were opened but at least it seems like there's a few others in the same boat

  25. Man this new season of Family Feud looks epic.

  26. I don’t know if this was intentional but when Horus is looking on the battlefield his eyes are not those of one who is not enjoying the mindless slaughter going down on the battlefield. It looks like he is ironically enjoying the chaos.

  27. Shoutout to imperial fist at the start for trying to end the Hersey early

  28. Me after my friend steals my diamonds in Minecraft:

  29. We seriously need a cinematic universe of this. It would be very cool.

  30. I absolutely love this trailer I saw this when I was really new to warhammer and this got my adrenaline going it may be a table top game but this is how I imagine how all battle reports go continue what you guys and gals do you are great! ❤

  31. Props to the cameraman for surviving the Horus Heresy and giving us quality content.

  32. the ants in my backyard fighting over a potato chip:

  33. Please dont delete but i am the elevent comment.
    … no no dad noooooooo
    [This comment had been removed by the autority of the imperial seal]

  34. Finally the comments are opened, why were they turned off to begin with?

  35. So uhh… are we making it out of the warp with this one??

  36. It is imperative that this absolute beast of a trailer is expanded into a movie or series; it is too good to deny! And Horus' voice, brilliant

  37. so glad that we'll actually be able to have titans and infantry all mixed now with legions imperialis

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