Vintage SPACE LEGO bundle – was this a good purchase?

Nic & Andrea Hills
VINTAGE SPACE LEGO bought at a yard sale. What did I get and was it a good purchase?

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  1. Nick, rescue the grey TV aerial in the 1st box of lego – if its undamaged they fetch around £15 each.

  2. Thank you for the rummage! I have sent this video to my nephew who loves Lego.

  3. Some kid in 1979 put his flag on upside down lol

  4. Hmmm, bit of a soup of vintage Space system, city and technic by the looks of it, but definitely profit to be made from the intact instructions & minifigs alone. As an unashamed AFOL, space system is such wonderfully timeless stuff, I nearly always end up keeping it on rare occasion I do find any, lol The little 'space dart' fighter jet (6824) was my fave as a kid, mainly because of all the translucent colour 1×1's. The absolute Lego space system bolo is still the monorail transport set (6990 ) with the 9v battery from 1987. £500 boxed/used, £1.5k new, last time I looked.

  5. Love a good rummage through vintage Lego! I had loads of the space sets in the 80's

  6. The cowboy is Britons American cavalry from the US civil war. If you were regular army your uniform was all black including your trousers. If you were a volunteer like the figure you have they wore the light blue trousers. 👍🇺🇸

  7. Nice video! One smile here 😁.
    "Middle age +Lego" best combination ever!

  8. You missed the big American 🇺🇸 flag lol

  9. Hi Nic, long time viewer, look up the grey TV aerial looking piece I think they go for a good price!

  10. Ahhh the 80s – I had space lego and a load of those civil war figures! Happy days.

  11. I’m a 73 year old granny and there is nothing I like better than having a good old lego rummage – spend hours sorting and have loads😊

  12. I sold a vintage black spaceman for £40 on its own. Great find😊

  13. Biggest problem with lego is sun damage, they need to develop a plastic that isn't affected by sunlight

  14. I drew carrot on my box of Space Lego when I was a kid so I would know it was Space Lego… Because , of course, carrots and space go hand in hand…if you're eight!

  15. The legs quite possibly Timpo. But your opening line to the video was spot on I love sorting through lego and taking out the bits. Space lego is the greatest lego ever.

  16. Spent about 3 hours this evening sorting LEGO while watching TV, checking each piece 1 by 1 and separating it from the mega blok. I keep telling myself and the Mrs no more selling LEGO and then I buy another box full at the next car boot sale 🙃

  17. Be very careful with that grey aerial (3144) you are rummaging over in the first box. It looks like all of its spokes are intact though a little bent. These are worth a pretty penny if in good condition.

  18. The little metal screw type thing seen around 16 minutes looks like a screw from a vintage cassette deck / boom box.

  19. Great find! I found some in a mixed lot.Even all the hands and arms were dismantled.

  20. I love Lego it's so satisfying putting sets together! 😅

  21. I am a middle-aged bloke who plays with Legos, purchases it in thrift stores, occasionally sells it on eBay, or puts it back to charity shops.

  22. Looks like u have 6970 from the flag u pulled out and the tile with the rocket on it. It used to be an expensive set but I’m not sure currently. You’ll get a tenner minimum at a guess just for each of those pieces. Look for the antenna, looks like an old fashioned tv areal. I’m pretty sure that’s in that set also. You used to get stupid money just for that one piece, the sloped pieces with space logos on and the sloped computer pieces also used to sell well as a bundle for me. I don’t know the current value I don’t deal in much Lego these days

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