Using a NEW Massive Crane to Slingshot Cars into Space in BeamNG Drive Mods!

Camodo Gaming
Using a NEW Massive Crane to Slingshot Cars into Space in BeamNG Drive Mods! (BeamNG Drive Mods Update) Today in BeamNG Camodo Gaming is back with a new crane mod and V8 Stammbeco mod!


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Music by: MDK
Song Title: Super Ultra (Smooth Jazz Remix)

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  1. Your title promised cars to space I saw none even get higher than the crane I’ve been robbed 😢

  2. Hi Camodo
    Can you do a Crane Police chase please!

  3. I have a question for you camodo : how hard is it for you to create a video?

  4. Play gta5 with spy cakes and ob and play truckers of Europe 🇪🇺

  5. 0:34 Camodo litreally just called a I6 engine a V6 engine LoL

  6. Camodo, you can change the Field Of View in first person if you use Page Up and Page Down buttons on your number pad. It's very usefull and makes first person a lot nicer, i really like to have 70* degrees, but 80* degres works great on bigger monitors.

  7. Welp, the crane probably wouldn't do any better at Car Jump Arena, would it?

  8. camodo did you know that antlanto is outdated? if you can fix it i love yuor videos can you make a new video?

  9. Hello, what is the name of the first map called?

  10. There's a bunch of cars over 100 Challenger or charger bunch of mods for the cars in the game you should definitely play it it's a mobile game it doesn't even feel like a mobile game so well done play it

  11. Wait what if you put a v8 in the pigeon 🤔

  12. I have a idea play on the Nintendo and when you get a donation you change the game to what they said

  13. If I saw a V8 powered stambecco I would get out of the way too!

  14. please camodo I've been a subscriber for a long time please please play more farming simulator 22 by the way love it

  15. Are we not gonna talk about the fact that it has a 93,000 RPM engine?

  16. 2:53
    Camodo: it’s a lot more funner to drive
    Don’t get me wrong your are a good yter and I love your videos but please use grammar correctly

  17. props to camodo's NASA computer for running two of those cranes at6 once, plus some other stuff!

  18. I believe that cover that goes over the motor is called a doghouse! 1:31

  19. still amazed you never run out of things to talk about

  20. whta is the crane mod? i want to use it in videos

  21. "I want to check out the toppless version"

    ~camodo gaming~

  22. I need Jeto I don’t know how to do😅

  23. Ngl if theres a v12 mod you should try it i just guess that v12s exist bc its in a game hill climb racing 1

  24. What if you were to lower the rear and front booms and raise the hook to the top to avoid weight transfer. It should make it less top heavy and change its balance points

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