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Welcome back to War Hammer Man Studios, for this week’s look at the Preorders & it’s pretty underwhelming.. Is Games Workshop Stalling Until the Price Hikes Kick In???:

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  1. The models in some of the expansion came out in board games like Combat Arena

  2. how could you support a game from GW that is nothing but bait and switch Black stone fortress is a miss leading game, why buy the starter set when the expansions are not made or sold any more. you can't even get any of the game fix's as they are done in the expansions. they should not be only part of game. they know the expansions are selling for x5 times what they sold them for.

  3. The new H.H. Characters are plastic not resin

  4. I didn't realize Blackstone Fortess was back! I wanted it when, it initially was released. Funds were low at the time. Thanks for the heads up! Love your channel , btw. I stumbled onto it a bout a month and half ago. Steady content and no bullshit. Awesome 😉

  5. That Celebration 2022 book comes with every purchase until the stock lasts. I just gave them an order (although I shouldn't) and it was added to the cart with te first item. So if you buy anything from GW, they will send it to you.

  6. I was slightly awed by the Underhive terrain set. More awed that the floor tiles have come back into stock. I waited over two years for an “in stock” email from GW. It was briefly in stock a little over a year ago, but sold out quickly. I shelved my ZM project for other things but I did the math for what I need and it is just an ok deal….

  7. Your title baited me well. WHQ is how I got into the tabletop.

  8. I enjoy your news a lot. You're nice to listen to, you're not too ranty about prices and all that. 🙂 have a nice weekend. subbed

  9. They as in GW …..won't promote anything new until March 7th has passed after the price hike lol

  10. ZM tiles have been out of stock so long, I don’t even know that I want to buy them. Very torn with ordering 6 boxes before the hike or just saying screw it, I’ve survived this long with out them why even bother….

  11. Hope they re release the expansions for bsf

  12. Hey did they ever give an ETA on the price hike? I need them to wait until after the 3rd preferably the 17th

  13. Would be nice if they bought back the expansions too

  14. I'm really hoping they redo the expansions, at least a couple, for BL. I missed them the first round.

  15. I really, REALLY hope they'll get all of the expansions too.

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