Top Free Space MMORPG Games

I have a thing for Space Games. Especially Space MMORPG Games. Especially FREE Space MMORPG Games!

I have placed links for each game in the description here, so you don’t have to search any longer. Enjoy friends!

3. Battlestar Galactica Online –
2. Star Trek Online – Play FREE –
1. Edgeworld – Play FREE –

Song: Omnitica – Dubwoofer Substep


  1. 35k is quite empty :/ Its because they charge far to much to play a game.

  2. Not really. EVE tops out at usually 60-70k at a time when i play. The registered and active users is more than 200k while the total number of actual accounts mae is well over a million.

  3. There is a type of currency in EVE that can be earned in-game that can be used to pay for a subscription. So if you work hard enough at it EVE can be free to play.

  4. Yes i know, but it takes so much time and time is money.

  5. Guys it's his opinion… You guys are acting like its the end of the world because he' doesn't like the same things as you…

  6. We are the Borg. Lower your shields, and prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is futile. You will become a part of the Collective.

  7. Edgeworld? are you kidding that is like saying Pong is better than Skyrim

  8. Omnitica!!!! I give you 5 internets for this, good sir!

  9. I played Battlestar Galactica too but it got boring, always the same..

  10. Played all 3 games and they all got boring really fast.

  11. Played all 3 games and they all got boring really fast.

  12. Just a plug on one we're making if I may. gamma-galaxy

  13. Edgeworld?? XD
    I thought this was a serious video… not a comedy post…

  14. 1:40 the best part are the 20 last seconds…fucking keep flooding the internet with garbage

  15. next time making a top 10 space games, use entence music

  16. eve is no where near dead but honestly they should but never will make it f2p as for players saying it is with in game curency with prices what they are for pilots licenses eve becomes a full time job just to stay in game from month to month wich many players don't have time for so realisticaly it's not nor ever will be free not like sto wich is way better then eve any day

  17. How is it that Edgeworld got first? Have I been misinformed or is Edgeworld just a facebook game?

  18. battle star galactic is good, but only if you started when the game came out if you didn't well have fun dying every 5 secs.

  19. battlestar galactica really feals like your in an epic space battle with a massive armada fleet duking it out.

  20. bsgo was good until level 15 gear came out and the game went totally money hungry. 
    also it's grinding is horribly boring and you have to do it otherwise you can't even fly your ship (damn titanium) 

  21. Sorry won't have anything to do with Kabam games.
    They have a nasty habit of killing their titles, Edgeworld could
    be next. When the boss laid off the devs and shutdown
    Imperium Galactic War, That was the end of interest
    in anything Kabam does.

  22. All of these suck. Hell, the last one is barely even a space MMO.

  23. Have a colonial account in Battle Star Galactica I wish to sell, have an almost full 15 lvl viper MK VII and a lvl 10-11 Gungnir liner. Invested much time and some pretty good Euros to upgrade it. The game is great, have been playing it for almost 2 years, but haven't got the time to play it anymore

  24. I tried both BSGO and STO and got bored of them pretty fast.

  25. umg thnx i was trying to remember a game that i played back in 2012 and it was Battlestar Galactica

  26. trying to be a colonial in BSGO…. might as well go and watch some tv or something… you will always end up buying stupid ammo and repairing your gungnir (if i have spelled it right -.-) which will end you up buying shit with real money 🙂 good times

  27. I think that Star Trek Online should be the #1 game

  28. lol there's another video in which the order is different, same 3 space mmos…

  29. lmao…klingon warbird?  It's called "Bird of Prey" ….The romulans have "Warbirds".

  30. your computer must be one of them kmart specials from the early 80s

    anyways, ok job, juuust ok

    and this video just suck……

  32. Could some1 pelaste tel me the name of a game that:You had your own planet with little orange creaturesYou can build everything u want if u had money 2 buy weapons and Shet…….A galactic game that i played alot When i was a kid. Please, i really want 2 know the name of it. Thanks

  33. I would like to ask – where is Freelancer with Discovery 4.85+ mod???

  34. What a horible noise. Was able to watch only half of it. Couldn't take the noise and had to switch it off.

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