Top 7 Space Games of 2015 (+3 Honorable Mentions)

Anton Petrov
Hello and welcome to What Da Math!

This is the end of the year review of the best 7 space games that were released on 2015 with 3 excellent honorable mentions as well.

If you’re a fan of space games, these are a must have in my opinion.

If you have other suggestions, please post them in the comments below.

Universe Sandbox 2:

Kerbal Space Program:


Rebel Galaxy:


Space Engineers Planets:

Homeworld Remastered:

GalCiv III:

Eve Online:

Elite Dangerous Horizons:

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  1. Great video!

    When you reach 10000 subs would you do a 50 facts about me?

  2. I find it funny how the only 2 space games I have that are in the list are the only realistic space games and they're great simulators that u play nonstop for hours

  3. there are enemys in space engineers there are spider bug things

  4. in space engineers it has mobs they are scary cause spiders

  5. Good vid, i agree with it but I think Planetbase deserved an honorable mention, I sunk loads of hours into that 🙂 2016 looks like another great yr for space games with games like take on mars, no man's sky, planet nomads, spaz2, things are looking good.

  6. idk about EVE online(?), is it free? how do you fight? do you control a space ship? control units? how do you build? i'm very behind for most of these

  7. I'm surprised your recommend gal civ 3 despite it is still buggy and liable to crash. Most people I've talked too still say gal civ 2 is better.

  8. I think Space Engine should have been somewhere in the honorable mentions at least :/

  9. I absolutely need to add Space Engine to your list! It's in development currently but you can fly around the entire known universe already. Galaxies, suns and all kinds of other space stuff are placed where they are in the real world (or universe), realistic data was used for that, and for almost each sun there are planets proceduraly generated on which you can land and explore!

  10. Disliking because you didn't make it top 10 when you had 3 honorable mentions

  11. Nice list. But Elite? Come on, it's boring as hell(

  12. Mmm.. GalCiv III in my opinion it's not a good game… Sorry!
    In this period I'm obsessed by space games! I have download all smartphone games of this category! About this, I would suggest you StarFly (if you like playing on mobile device)… It's a new game! I leave the link (i'm not spammer… I'm only a very nerd girl! This game has a multiplayer mode.. more people=more fun 😀 )

  13. No Man's Sky should've been an honorable mention

  14. There is a game called space engine but its in its beta stage but it looks beautiful check it out

  15. If nine zeros, it is not a billion but a milliard

  16. LOL Video and audio don't mix after galciv3 is that a YouTube bug?

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