Top 5 Space Simulation Games

Top 5 Space Simulation Games – No Mans Sky, Star Citizen, Kerbal Space Program, Space Engineers, Elite Dangerous

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  1. I always thought of no man sky as space minecraft tbh

  2. I love space engineers. I’ve spent hundreds hours in the game and the scenery is beautiful.

  3. To all the broke people that want to play ksp, EPIC GAMES IS GONNA MAKE KSP FREE IN JANUARY 5TH!!!!

  4. Me waiting for high on life: 👁️👄👁️

  5. Seriously, Elite Dangerous is an incredible game. I play it on my PS4 but I'd love to see the graphics on a next gen console. Really fun game to chill out on and play with friends. 10/10 recommend

  6. Your belly makes a good planet for exploring

  7. Kerbal space program's modding capability is what makes it such an amazing game, to the extent that the only limit is your pc

  8. Lemme add 2: Juno:New Origins aka Simple Rockets 2 and Universe Sandbox ²

  9. Star Citizen is the worst of them all. It's too complex and not very much after 10 years of development. Chris Robert is an idiot when there is no publisher behind him to tweak his over the top game design.

  10. Toͮnⷮiⷪ bͭeͯrͪlͨiⷡaͪnͥ sͥuͣgͣiͨaͧrͬtͥoⷯ says:

    Ain't no one gonna talk abt the shadow figure who walk behind him?

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