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5- apollo simulator

4-new dawn

3-space simulator

2-spaceflight simulator

1-Simple rocket 2 on android

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  1. Background Musics Wow
    Please get me the background music links

  2. Space flight simulator sucks. no guide to teach you how to doc or get to a satellite 🛰

  3. Simple rocket 2 is legend and only brilliant brain can play

  4. Chamo puedo agarrar tu vídeo y subirlo a Youtube?? Le pongo derechos de autor

  5. The music is shit and the quality is also very shitty

  6. Im wathing this when sfs 1.5.2 is already out

  7. I wonder how astronauts feel when they land on the moon

  8. Just download no man's sky on pc and done. Mobile games always trash( Except sds grand cross, dbz dokkan battle, space conquest 3d, shadow fight 3, galaxy on fire 2, beyblade burts rivals. (And some games I forgot about.)

  9. SimpleRockets 2 is the best. The reason sfs has more popularity is because the people who play SR2 are actual smart people.

  10. Can i get solar explorer new dawn game free???????

  11. New dawn looks cool

    But it's not a rocket building game:(

  12. الضربة القاضية الفضائية says:

    What's the name of the last game?

  13. Simple rocket because its like Kerbal space program
    And space flight simulator the rest game is crappy

  14. just one thing i juts think that the music is a little to loud so just be aware

  15. Don't forget Space Agency, for me it's the best including SFS

  16. You forgot the name of the last game

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