Top 5 Luna Clips in Brawlhalla 😱

Skull K3y
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  1. Nah bro on the second sandstorm clip, one caster was just flabbergasted that he couldn’t talk at all,because Luna was hitting the best clip in brawl history, while the other was glazing sandstorm while getting railed on. I can’t lol. Like focus on the game.

  2. So why do the commentators gotta feel the need to scream over basic ass clips?

  3. the katar clip on sandstorm is the best clip on esport i ever seen lol

  4. i like how one of the commentators was still glazing sandstorm while he was getting manhandled on clip 2

  5. I hope he heals up well so he can play again

  6. Why casters always yapping about random shit instead of actually casting the game

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