Top 5 EPIC Space games to play while you wait for Star Citizen

The Top SPACE Games in 2015, and 2016 while you wait for Star Citizen.. Which of these titles are you excited for? These are the best 5 space games that were released in 2015, enjoy our Top Space Sims list.


  1. I have elite dangerous and its boring asfuck!!!!!

  2. It's 2019 and Star Citizen is still a long way from being released! lol

  3. A couple of years ago I bought star citizen and a ship. There were some neat aspects but it was ultimately too buggy. I have tried to go back to it but wouldn’t you know my password was hacked. I tried to set things to right but I kept getting the run around from the staff. A simple thing like changing your passsword should be an easy thing, right ? It would be…if the staff weren’t behind my account getting hacked in the first place.

  4. Bought star citizen for myself and my three sons when my oldest son was 12. He's going to leave home next year ffs

  5. It's almost 3 years later and Star Citizen is still not released.

  6. I don't think Star Citizen will ever make it far enough in development to even come close to the epicness of Elite: Dangerous

  7. huahuahuahuahuahua ——Top 5 EPIC Space games to play while you wait for Star Citizen—— keep waiting

  8. 3 YEARS later….😴😴😴😴😴 wha what?…. nothing still? Oh ok…😴😴😴😴😴😴

  9. I've come from the year 2210, where star citizen still hasn't fully released and still only sells people on digital looks of spaceships/planets without actually being able to do anything with/on them. This game created a cesspool of future companies to model off the same scam design and forever killed gaming. I've been sent from the future to stop this madness, we must boycott Star Citizen.

  10. ….. Samsung does make missiles now……spoky.

  11. Star Citizen in 2020 and 250 million dollars later…..not even a beta version or demo available. weird.

  12. its never going to happen this game is still pile of shit

  13. It's 2020 and the Star Citizen alpha is fun now but it took so long that no one noticed 😬

  14. Osiris new dawn isn’t on the App Store😭😭😭😭

  15. 2020 and still no full release of Star Citizen.
    But we have more alternatives now. Guess that’s good.

  16. Hahaha "while you wait for star citizen"… you are willing to play these games for the next decade ? Lol

  17. Yeah but, while im waiting for star citizien, i am playing star citizen…

  18. R O F L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years later, still no game! And for 8 years they've averaged spending $125,000 per DAY, EVERY SINGLE DAY, to produce NOTHING but hot air and broken promises. And people STILL refuse to admit they were scammed.

  19. If anyone is interested in a game code for some extra's while creating a starcitizen account. STAR-ZZMS-GGMK enjoy you get some extra credits 🙂

  20. A start citizen fan mentioned Elite Dangerous and described it for what it is? without slamming it? This is excellent! I'll be sticking around.

  21. space engenering top 1 for me server rebels-games very very hard not for noobs

  22. IF elite dangerous ever adds base building, and life on planets we can explore and find then i'll be jumping on board. Until then i'm waiting.

  23. It's 2021 already, Everspace was released long ago, Everspace 2 is in early access, Elite Dangerous is about to get a new huge update and Star Citizen is still in alpha with no release date, probably will be the same in another 5 years or 10 or 20

  24. Funny thing, I'm actually playing star citizen while waiting for elite dangerous odyssey, not the other way around.

  25. Osiris: New Dawn sucks anymore they removed the old tech tree and installed a new one where as before you had to research buildings and gear now all you research is + to salvage or + to nutrition and oh wait for it + to damage ohhh how exciting not. Now you have Osiris: New Dawn the bore fest nothing to strive for nothing to work for it is all just given to you from the start weee.

  26. At this point and after 9 years of waiting i just want to see Chris in Prison and his Ponzi scheme in the garbage!

  27. Stat Citizen will never reach Beta but still makes millions a year.

  28. I love that this video is 5 years old and Star citizen still isn't finished.
    Probably never will be.

  29. Thought I would chime in on this OLD OLD video. "while you wait for star citizen. Here we are 5 YEARS later over 400million dollars and its STILL ALPA. HAHA NO ONE talks about all the people that got burned lost so much money. Odd huh

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