Top 27 BEST SPACE Games

Top 27 BEST RPG Games // What are the best rpgs games PC, whether it is isometric, story rich or anything else, we will be covering best 27 of them.

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0:00 Introduction
0:26 Terra Invicta
0:50 Hardspace Shipbreaker
1:10 Cosmoteer
1:33 FTL
1:56 Marauders
2:21 Universe Sandbox
2:52 Space Engine
3:31 Space Engineers
4:02 Stellaris
4:31 Star Wars Squadrons
5:00 Mass Effect Legendary Edition
5:25 No Man’s Sky
5:52 Outer Wilds
6:20 X4 Foundations
6:49 Kerbal Space Program
7:16 Ixion
7:39 Dyson Sphere Program
8:15 Elite Dangerous
8:37 Spacebourne 2
9:27 Eve Online
9:32 Chorus
9:55 Everspace 2
10:27 Avorion
10:50 Empyrion
11:17 Nebulous Fleet Command
11:52 Planetary Annihilation Titans
12:35 Homeworld
13:02 Conclusion

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  1. Rebel Galaxy is incredibly underrated too. Its so much fun.

  2. Congratulations now o want to play 10 different games. You absolutely fucked my studies but thanks

  3. Nice list. There are some great Space rpgs out there too… Destiny 2, Warframe, Outerworlds, etc and RTS like Supreme Commander, Dune Spice Wars.. Star Wars BF2 was epic for a while….

  4. Hey how about next video on top27 horror games

  5. Those who know Freespace 1&2 know how the best space games should be.
    Dead Space is also one of my favorites.
    i wish someone would do a remaster or sequal of Starlancer or Freelancer

  6. Pretty comprehensive list! Some ideas for Part 2: Space Rangers 2 (a true classic), Star Sector. Endless Space 1 and 2 are great (although not without problems). Some Warhammer 40k games are technically set in space, too? Gothic Armada comes to mind. There's also battlestar galactica deadlock.
    Wish we had more space games set in the Alien universe like Alien: Isolation. Or even Lovecraftian space horror games. Untapped market there

  7. Astrox Imperium not listed for a reason? Dont know it? Dont like it?

  8. That's it, I'm subbing just to unsub, I can't believe you didn't mention Kotor…

  9. Space games not really my thing, though i did like no mans sky and outer worlds. Watched it anyway and commenting for the algorithm

  10. Just my two cents, but you left out a lot of great games and a number of projects you did list aren't deserving.

  11. Had some questions I wanted to ask on your discord server but the link is invslid.

  12. Great list … always appreciate your work! Thank you!

  13. Nice to see Empryion make the cut! Definitely a not so hidden gem. Great video bro! 😄

  14. Amazing video. You have a new subscriber!

  15. Some suggestions for the next one: Evochron Legacy, Astrox Imperium, Sins of a Solar Empire, Stellar Warfare, Star Wars X Wing Alliance with Upgrade Project Mod, TIE Fighter Total Conversion, Galactic Civilizations, Distant Worlds, Endless Space, Master of Orion, KOTOR.

  16. I would also mention Star Sector. Pretty under rated and not really known game, but it is really good too.

  17. Cool to see X4 Foundations on the list! while it is labyrinthian to figure out, once you do figure it out the level of control you have is insane, and the economy system in the game is very impressive! Unlike alot of games, the AI doesn't have a secret stash of infinite resources behind the scenes, they are operating under the same rules you are! They can't build if they don't have the resources. Your contributions as a trader or miner or whatever is FELT! A friendly faction could soon build a vast armada as a result!
    Another space game that may be worth looking at is Five Nations. Its a indie strategy game and combat takes place ENTIRELY in space. For a game developed by TWO PEOPLE its a very well designed RTS!

  18. I only know two games No man sky and astroneer

  19. I wish there will be game like Freespace. I still play it from time to time . I hoped that star citizen will be something like that , becouse wing commander series, but they went more in symulation of living in space then a shooter

  20. No freespace or xwing 🫤

  21. any of you know a game similiar with galaxy on fire 2, played the android version, but pc version just lack content with no dlc, its a rpg space game an openworld (openspace?) game, you can follow the storyline and do side quest, but also go trading for money, hire companion, but not too complicated, a game i found kinda similiar here from here is maybe everspace 2 and x4(but x4 seems so complicated), but love to know more

  22. More that didn't make the cut? I'll say. X4 and No Man's Sky, but no Starbound? Mass Effect but no Star Control games? Clearly, some things are missing.

  23. How can a grown man believe that a game simulates the entire universe? We don't even know how big the universe is, and our knowledge is very limited because of how far out we can see.

  24. The best space game is by far star citizen

  25. Are any of these playable on mobile? (Excluding the 2 dimensional ones)

  26. Please make the next 27 space games list. I really enjoyed this, as there were some really interesting gems here!

  27. Did someone say sentient mushroom ? …WHAAAAAARG!

  28. did i reed your specs right ??? you have a 2600x pair with 6950 xt ?????

  29. What makes these games the best? I saw several stinkers on this list, which is why I ask.

  30. I'd love to see another list. This one was great and I found a game that I was looking for. Thank you.

  31. I waited for Starfield to see if it is something for me. And, of sadly it isn't. However, Space Engineers looks nice. Going to take a look into that, hopefully there are public servers with communitys and stuff. X4 foundations and Planetary Annihilation aren't exactly what I'm looking for, but they still kind of got me interested. I already played Outer Wilds. Thanks for this list.

  32. When I have learned something from this video, then that "there is always X"

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