Top 25 Open World Space Games

Image Game

0:00 Freelancer
1:00 Between the Stars
1:32 Breathedge
2:04 EVE Online
2:41 STAR WARS: The Old Republic
3:24 No Man’s Sky
4:13 Elite: Dangerous
4:51 Star Trek Online
5:27 Starbound
6:09 Space Engineers
6:51 MASS EFFECT Series
8:45 Empyrion – Galactic Survival
9:12 Precursors
9:45 Outer Wilds
10:24 Everspace 2
11:06 Avorion
11:39 Evochron Legacy
12:16 PULSAR: Lost Colony
12:49 Rebel Galaxy
13:26 Between the Stars
13:59 Celestial Command
14:38 Void Destroyer 2
15:09 Wayward Terran Frontier: Zero Falls


  1. BtS actualy double so its 24 game and not all of them about space and open world…


  3. Legendary is an accurate term for Freelancer. I have to confirm that.
    That time 20 years ago (2003) the game had no graphical competition.
    I played it on and off for 12 years…. and it was a joy to turn on every time.
    A simple, catchy game. You just wanted to play it, explore the universe.
    Today's games are extremely cluttered, there's too much, too much confusion, too many options…
    Freelancer reminds me of the movie "Ready Player One" where "James Halliday" was all about the Easter egg.
    It's not about winning, there's nothing to win in Freelancer. It's just playing, and playing, exploring, looking for "Jump Holes",bases, planets, better ships, wrecks with the best weapons.
    I remember when I messed up my reputation and couldn't buy a Titan battleship, so I had to settle for a ship called the Eagle.

  4. Some of these aren't even space games though 🤨

  5. Also, was this narrated by a robovoice? The emphasis was very strange in some sentences.

  6. You forgot Star Citizen in the list

    Freelancer's sequel

  7. Empyrion (old browser game) was instead of Starship Evo game (best about spaceship building after starmade and galactic junk)

  8. Eve's economy was destroyed years ago, and to gain skills can draw out months or even years, of course sped up by P2W. but as mentioned the economy is ruined by a rich guy years ago spending millions completely offsetting what things are worth with hyper inflation.
    funny they didn't mention that Empyrion has block by block constructions of hover vessels, small vessels, capitol vessels and bases, and with the Reforged Eden mod soon to have massive capitol vessels. and each play through whether single player or multi player will have different experiences as it is generated off of seeds changing the entire galaxy (hundreds even thousands of solar systems to explore). I thought it was silly and yes graphics are a strain on weaker systems and not top end. but has become an addiction, specially the building.

  9. Pretty cool to see Precursors getting name dropped. Also may as well add Parkan 2 if we're gonna add Precursors.

  10. Freelancer. I wish there will be sequel for that game.

  11. You didn't include spaceborne and its not only better than everything here its made by 1 guy

  12. Nothing from the Starpoint Gemini series? that's kinda sad.

  13. Freelancer and Freelancer Discovery GC brings so much nostalgia…….

  14. An arcade game is a coin-operated entertainment machine. Nothing here is an "Arcade" game.

  15. написано по русски но говорит иностранец

  16. Its not released yet, but star citizen is pretty awesome. Nothing like it, its just in a niche of its own. Some may not like the game, some will love it.

  17. Spacebourne 2 would have been nice on the list.

  18. Once you mentioned Star Citizen at about 0:29 that was a deal breaker for that game. Nice how the devs at Star Citizen gave all their fans and backers the middle finger in 2022.
    I do have a few of the other games already and this list was really cool 🙂

  19. This video reads and sounds like it was done by AI

  20. Why can't we just get an updated version of Freelancer? Nothing since has come close to capturing that spark of fun without going too extreme in other systems that feel like chores (like Starfield)

  21. The most favorite and atmospheric game for me remains Space Rangers 1-2. The game gives what I can't find in new games so far.The living world and the economy as the basis and very soulful quests and the atmosphere of the game itself. There is of course a re-creation of the game in the Steam "space rangers hd a war apart" I can't say that it is worse than the original games, it's just different and somewhat simplified. If you want a real adventure and a challenge to your spirit, I advise you to find the original space ranger 1. You will live in this world and realize that the game is alive.

  22. Это странно – заголовок на русском, а видео на английском

  23. Chris Roberts didn't do shit on Freelancer. He got kicked off the project and then it got done. No Man's Sky does not have 18 quntillion planets, it has about 18 quintollion copies of about 10 different planets.

  24. space engineers is the best space i played especially with the recent updates

  25. you put Between the Stars on here twice

  26. Thanks for inspiration, what to play. At least half I know, and some even played very long. But much to play yet.

  27. Anyone know any games that focus more on managing a ship's interior? Like as one-person crew or part of a crew?

  28. You've put Between the Stars twice – #2 and #22

  29. Steam keys gift:Blackout Protocol

  30. спасибо гугл переводчику что я зашел на буржуазийский ролик

  31. OK – Enjoyed the Video…. "Liked" etc. But… a lot of these games require money to play? Can you do the same list, that are genuinely FREE to play once bought? Or at least make it clear that you will have to pay in-game for upgrades etc? I've been avoiding Eve, Elite, Star Trek and Star Wars for years now…. they LOOK fantastic and I'd love to play them… but no way am I getting involved in "Send us £5 and you get XXXXXXX"…… If I buy a game…. I want the whole game, not the teaser trailer…. Freelancer – brilliant game, complete, no extra sales – done – I could play that all day… actually I did. Same list again please, but without games that require more money… or actually WITH them, but make it very clear which ones need more money to play and which ones don't. And none of this "Free to play" / "Free to start" stuff. If you want to get on in the game, how much will it cost?

  32. Hello my friend 🫡
    Did you see this new modern rts game called (red chaos – the strict order) it looks really good.
    Can you make video about it.

  33. Так как в приложении Discord сосредоточилось основная масса геймеров,то:

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