Top 25 Open World Space Games

Image Game

0:00 Freelancer
1:00 Between the Stars
1:32 Breathedge
2:04 EVE Online
2:41 STAR WARS: The Old Republic
3:24 No Man’s Sky
4:13 Elite: Dangerous
4:51 Star Trek Online
5:27 Starbound
6:09 Space Engineers
6:51 MASS EFFECT Series
8:45 Empyrion – Galactic Survival
9:12 Precursors
9:45 Outer Wilds
10:24 Everspace 2
11:06 Avorion
11:39 Evochron Legacy
12:16 PULSAR: Lost Colony
12:49 Rebel Galaxy
13:26 Between the Stars
13:59 Celestial Command
14:38 Void Destroyer 2
15:09 Wayward Terran Frontier: Zero Falls


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  2. спасибо гугл переводчику что я зашел на буржуазийский ролик

  3. OK – Enjoyed the Video…. "Liked" etc. But… a lot of these games require money to play? Can you do the same list, that are genuinely FREE to play once bought? Or at least make it clear that you will have to pay in-game for upgrades etc? I've been avoiding Eve, Elite, Star Trek and Star Wars for years now…. they LOOK fantastic and I'd love to play them… but no way am I getting involved in "Send us £5 and you get XXXXXXX"…… If I buy a game…. I want the whole game, not the teaser trailer…. Freelancer – brilliant game, complete, no extra sales – done – I could play that all day… actually I did. Same list again please, but without games that require more money… or actually WITH them, but make it very clear which ones need more money to play and which ones don't. And none of this "Free to play" / "Free to start" stuff. If you want to get on in the game, how much will it cost?

  4. Hello my friend 🫡
    Did you see this new modern rts game called (red chaos – the strict order) it looks really good.
    Can you make video about it.

  5. Так как в приложении Discord сосредоточилось основная масса геймеров,то:

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