Top 25 New Upcoming SPACE Games of 2021 & 2022 | PC, PS5, PS4, XSX, XB1 (4K 60FPS)

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Top 25 New Upcoming SPACE Games of 2021 & 2022 | PC, PS5, PS4, XSX, XB1 (4K 60FPS)

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00:01 Mass Effect – TBA | PC, PS5, XSX
01:32 Chorus – TBA 2021 | PC, PS5, PS4, XSX, XB1
02:52 Kerbal Space Program 2 – 2022 | PC, PS4, XBO
05:21 Everspace 2 – 2021 | PC, PS4, XB1
06:36 X4: Cradle of Humanity – March 16, 2021 | PC
09:23 Starfield – TBA 2022 | PC
10:24 Distant Worlds 2 – 2021 | PC
12:12 Colony Ship – 2021 | PC
13:20 Mass Effect: Legendary Edition – May 2021 | PC, PS5, PS4, XSX, XB1
14:55 Dyson Sphere Program – 2022 | PC
16:04 Elite Dangerous Odyssey – 2021 | PC, XBO, PS4
17:14 EXO ONE – 2021 | PC, XB1
18:28 Falling Frontier – 2022 | PC
19:31 Spacebase Startopia – 26 Mar 2021 | PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX
21:17 Starborne – May 2021 | PC
22:16 Cryospace – 2022 | PC
23:11 Starbase – 2021 | PC
25:51 Dark Moon – 2021 | PC
28:14 Beyond Good & Evil 2 – TBA 2022 | PC, PS5, XSX
29:31 Dual Universe – 2021 | PC
30:56 Aliens: Fireteam – Summer 2021 | PC, PS5, PS4, XSX, XB1
32:06 JETT THE FAR SHORE – 2021 | PC, PS4, PS5
33:37 Stellaris: Nemesis – April 15, 2021 | PC
35:01 Trigon Space Story – 2021 | PC
36:45 In the Black – 2021 | PC
37:38 Space Mechanic Simulator – 2021 | PC

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  1. Ya know I have LOTS of great pieces of music to listen to, wish they would give a synopsis of the game. Maybe like, 1st person shooter, customizable character, single player, mmo, mmorpg, co-op, free to play….. I wont continue but come on throw us a bone here.

  2. Love the thumbnail for the video – where did it come from?

  3. X4: I like it. I play it. I just think it's kind of a rip off that they took away stuff from previous games to just sell it as DLC now.
    Mass Effect LE: So resell and old game because they can't make a new one worth a damn?
    Colony Ship: Played it. BOOOORING.
    Dual Universe: Looks like it has potential, but haven't we heard many of these promises before with other games? So I will believe it when I can see it.
    Some of the others look decent.

    and as always……………………Star Citizen: 2054 release maybe lol.

  4. Why do all these games look like call of duty in space, come on people think out of the war box, hell, No Mans Sky have shown you the way to something different why go back?
    Is blood/DEATH the requirements of all games now?

  5. Pourquoi mettre toutes ces musiques de merde au lieu du vrai son de la bande annonce ?? abrutis !

  6. 25 Trailer Videos of Hopeful games, That wished they would look like.

  7. I am so tired of loud bad music !!!!

  8. Wow I didn't know there are this many upcoming space games. Is the space game a big trend now?

  9. Please add Second Galaxy to your next list of games to review. Thanks!

  10. better starcitizen than all of them combined.

  11. The X-COH clip: At 6:55 Avatar much? I know X was first, but com'on guys…at 8:17 the Tempest/Tornado hybrid?

  12. kerbal space program…. masters of using duck tape to go into space XD

  13. Starbourne might be free but it is hit and miss if you can actually play. The servers, although refreshed every week, are usually full, so it's almost impossible, as a new player, to join. I'll give it another week then deleting if unsuccessful.

  14. Left 4 Dead only with Aliens & Colonial Marines… huh.
    Why nobody thought of that earlier is actually surprising.

  15. I'd instantly buy ME at playinstall when they list it. Bet the price is gonna be much more cheaper

  16. Chris Roberts goes into Cryopreservation, in preperation for when Star C$tizen goes retail, the Bill Gates Foundation will fund the 1st 100 yrs.

  17. So sad that all music in trailers is copyrighted and you had to replace it

  18. if youre into trailers, … this is the video for you

  19. HMMMM 12 mins in this video and STILL no gameplay only cinematics zzz

  20. Boy oh boy nothing better than 38 minutes of trailers–they tell you so much about the gameplay

  21. Another ME game that doesn't look good, lol

  22. When star citizen is done it wont be a futuristic game anymore.

  23. Dual universe started great, but they have gone in the opposite direction they originally started going, and unfortunately it was a million steps backwards as far as I am concerned. yes the game got more stable, but they took out so many systems that made the game good, and then they screwed up the economy and it stopped being enjoyable

  24. Луна вся в кратарох …сегодня почему не падают так на луну метиориты?? Вы представляете что раньше творилось на нашей планете??

  25. What is it with all those ridiculous British accents? ……Pathetic!

  26. These are just hype movie edits not gameplay or how good the actual games is?? Not helpful.

  27. 8:18 Does that sail make sense or is that styling? I can't remember what position it's supposed to be in if it is supposed to be riding solar winds (aka energy from whatever local star is nearby).

  28. can anyone tell me what is the song for " EVER SPACE " please?

  29. Watching these (and with the exception of KSP2) I realise that game designers know fucking nothing about anything except their 3D software.

  30. Can't wait for KSP2. Sure hope they dont rush it to market buggy…

  31. Kerbal space program is a great lesson to be learned for all would-be space travelers. What can go wrong will go wrong and it will be costly and spectacular all at the same time…

  32. I want an open sandbox world for Armored Core… Make it happen… 😂

  33. While in realůity we gonna rot and burn on this planet because we heat each other simply because of some old man and stories about invisble voices from the sky.

  34. Need info on VR support (PCVR), otherwise it's useless

  35. Starfield for Xbox as well. Nice vid, thx for this

  36. All I see is sprites…. some of these have been worked on for a decade…

    The one that should be on the list. Didn't get in its first office until 2014. Needing to wait 2 years for it's invested funds. And mapped out paper mockup. Less than 6 years working on its code. Will , out preform all of these. Yet , not on the list…..

  37. before they should be releasing more graphic cards on market to a more correct Price..i m bored as fuck with my 970 gtx

  38. I'm very disappointed that despite EA/Bioware lying to us and destroying the greatest sci-fi trilogy ever made,
    people stil buy their Mass Effect legendary edition AT FULL PRICE ..
    Why can't people learn that EA doens't give a shit and Bioware is dead. Everyone who worked at Bioware when they released good games,
    has quit bioware and moved on to other companies – understandable.
    If people voted with their wallets, EA and other shit publishers would start releasing better games.

  39. At the moment the only sci-fi game that is above all of these videos is Star Citizen.

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