Top 20 NEW SPACE Games 2023

In this video, we will be showcasing the 20 best new space games set to release in 2023. From epic space battles to immersive space exploration and everything in between, these games offer a diverse range of experiences for players who are fans of the sci-fi genre. Whether you prefer strategy games, first-person shooters, or more casual gaming experiences, you’re sure to find a title that piques your interest. From massive multiplayer online games to single-player adventures, this video has got you covered. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover the must-play space games of 2023!

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  1. the thing is is that there are barely any good free space games, so ur only choice for a space game for free is like eve online which is mostly multiplayer pvp meaning that it needs lots of players which im pretty sure it doesnt really have

  2. great video but your mic sounds a little muffled

  3. If makin game preview why not providing chapter in order to choose from – no reference down below hence not satisfying to watch

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