Top 20 Most Popular Space Simulator Games For Mobile

Top 20 Most Addictive Space GAME For Android Mobile

Space Simulator is a realistic 3D space flight simulation game that allows you to explore the universe. It contains an interactive orbit planet, over 50 ready to fly mission, and much more!

Hello friends hope you are doing well,Before showing all these games to you, I have tried them all myself. I wanted to show you all these games by playing myself.But I couldn’t because it was taking too long. For this reason, I have used Game creators trailer and YouTubers videos. Forgive me if I have made any mistake.
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  1. Even I play SFS but Simplerockets 2 is the best. Dude it is the pack of everything you can imagine. SFS still needs too many improvements.
    Btw nice video

  2. I really HATE the shuttle in Manual docking

  3. why is the numbering the opposite way. the number 20 is sfs, and 19 is sr2, which is like they are the least of the best

  4. Simple rockets its probably the best game but you must have a good phone to play it or play whit lag

  5. Space simulator and simple rockets 2 look's good

  6. Well I would love to download these apps but the problem is all are for more than a 1000 rs in ios if I was android it’s 20 rs but I can download manual docking and those other sim I also basically have done that

  7. Space flight simulator the game vectavers play

  8. Space fle x 2 heavys and 8 star ships of level 3 base on mars and moon

  9. Man I played more than 15 of these games inculiding sa 2138 by noolues and more

  10. Creating own rocket and launching is best neither just launching it right

  11. 4 best free realistic mobile space simulators
    1.Spaceflight simulator
    2.Manual docking
    3.Voyager:grand tour
    4.Advanced spaceflight

  12. I plays space flight simulator too but i Mostly use it on. Plane topic

  13. Escape games are Space games to space Earth by 2 by 4 angbeoe number to it

  14. 9 9 why did you get the pre-game one of that game I've had the bye for that like that

  15. You stole your mum's money without her knowing

  16. SR2 and SFS is also the best but SR2 is fucking hard

  17. SpaceFlight Simulator Is the most download rocket game in playstore
    has a lot af rating like 4.5 stars
    its also my favorite game but 3d SFS
    will decrease the ratings beacause of hard docking

  18. You​ a​ god​ of ​sfs​

  19. Simple rockets2 the best in my opinion
    -has interplanetary systems
    -re entry
    -realistic air physics / engine combustion will expand or compress depends on atmospheric pressure
    -build anything/planes,boats,rockets
    -moon affects water levels

  20. Simple looks kinda like mobile version of KSP

  21. SR2 ..when one learns docking..this game becomes damn easy(since I did it in 6months practice lol).. and so much creative option (since it's complete 3d) and amazing graphics 🙂

  22. i Suggest another one game : Tiny Space Academy you can play it in pc and android its graphic so cute its have a good physics and effect

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