TOP 13 Massive Upcoming SPACE Games 2022 & 2023 | PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, PC

MOB-X Game
Top Upcoming Space Games 2022 & 2023 – New Amazing Sci fi Space Upcoming Games 2022 – Best Upcoming Space Games 2022 & Beyond

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  1. I hate when I only see cinematic and not real gameplay.

  2. You know, all we need is a game called FREELANCER 2 or FREELANCER ONLINE then we can play that game for decades straight, and keep throwing money at that. No doubt that game will surely be a glorious achievement in the history of gaming forever.

  3. I Sure Hope That Someday, Game Developers Try To Resurrect/Revive Phantagram's Duality And Strident: The Shadow Front, For The Xbox One/One X, Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S, PS4/PS4 Pro, PS5 And PC. But, Both Games, Of Which Was Cancelled, Was Originally Scheduled To Be Released On, The Original Xbox And PC, Wayback In, 2002.😒😒😒😒😕😕🙁🙁☹☹☹☹😔😔😔😔😔😔

  4. i run a gaming group and your the number 1 game guy Mob on my page of 150 members . thank you sir for the time and work you put into your videos . there are many doing this on you tube but not as solid at it as you .

  5. Im most excited for starfiled and warhammer space marine,great video keep up the good work

  6. If you haven't, check out the game Warframe guys! It takes a bit to get into, but it's totally a great game to play and it's free!

  7. Checkout warframe for those looking for a game that allows good customization, grind and lore. Game has space robot ninja's that have special abilities.

  8. They all look pretty good….STARFIELD is my #1 pick out of all of them. Homeworld 3 I bet is pretty awesome also..

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