Top 12 Space Games to Buy in the Steam Summer Sale!

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Discover the top 12 space game gems you need to grab during the Steam Summer Sale! From epic space battles to intricate colony management, these games offer something for every space enthusiast. Don’t miss out on these incredible discounts!

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00:00 Intro
00:50 Solar Settlers
01:47 Surviving Mars
02:56 AI War 2
03:52 Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander
04:45 Stellaris
05:42 Stardeus
06:41 Nexus 5X
07:37 Dyson Sphere Program
08:33 Dune: Imperium
09:32 Kerbal Space Program
10:26 STAR WARS™ Empire at War – Gold Pack
11:28 Homeworld Remastered Collection

Solar Settlers

Surviving Mars

AI War 2

Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander



Nexus 5X

Dyson Sphere Program

Dune: Imperium

Kerbal Space Program

STAR WARS™ Empire at War – Gold Pack

Homeworld Remastered Collection

Top 12 Space Games to Buy in the Steam Summer Sale!
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  1. @5:55 Also intersting, the dev streams his development on twitch. dev_spajusAlso since it's missing here I can recommend Juno: New Origins.

  2. I did not understand reviews like 'I lose hours playing this' etc. until I played X4. I not only lost hours, I lost entire days.

  3. Surviving Mars is a great game. All of the DLC are worth it except for the underground one. That's hot garbage. Stellaris is also a great game with many good DLCs.

  4. Want to say I really much prefer the way time stamps and steam store links were done in this video. Makes it easier to find for me then with them seperate.
    As always thanks for the great info

  5. You didn't say the correct price for kerbal space program. I think you say nineteen euroes ninety seven? I've listened to it several times, but sometimes, I'm having a hard time understanding you.

  6. Also, you're referring to luke's list, but can I find that on this channel?
    Nevermind. found it. Feel really stupid right now. 👊

  7. You guys have destroyed my wallet the past few days 😂 , great lists, keep it up.

  8. The Homeworld music at the beginning is just devastating to hear, now.

  9. Oh, yeah. Solar Settlers surprised me a lot, doesn't look like much but it gets so interesting when it gets going. A recommend indeed.

  10. Great video although chapters are always appreciated.

  11. Sorry but your choice of Adagio for strings is questionable to me. Generally it is a sad and gloomy piece used heavily in the movie “Platoon” (1986). It is a beautiful piece but again just conveys sadness imo. Perhaps younger audiences nowadays doesn’t make that same connection. I have been watching a lot of your videos so I mention this as pure constructive criticism. I’m trying not to be negative. The exact opposite actually. I like your channel so far and don’t want you to loose viewers with this particular detail. Have a good day.

  12. Ring Runner – Flight of the Mages, hidden space game gem.

  13. The song starting with the part about Stelaris sounds so very familiar. Is it from a Civilization game?

  14. Having seen a lot of similar videos so far, I have come to the conclusion that the term "space game" has to be explained or divited to different categories.
    There is a huge difference between a game that the players pilot their ship in space and explore different planets and a game that you are building a base in a top down game trying to manage the resources of a different "planet" that could be easily a place on Earth or something.
    There is a difference between a space exploration game in the style of Star Trek TOS and a game like Eve online or Homeworld etc.
    There is a difference between a game like Star Citizen and a game like Starfield or X4 or Elite Dangerous or Dune and more.
    Those games cannot be under the same general term of "space games".
    Too many differences in gameplay and mechanics.

  15. Good suggestions! My suggestion would be Endless Space 2. Very fun turn-based 4x space game. My only recommendation for it though is to avoid the Awakening dlc, the rest is great.

  16. Has anyone tried Hardspace: Shipbreaker? is it worth reaching for it?

  17. Check out exo one, its like 4 hours of visual feasting and satisfying unique gameplay

  18. Thanks for excellent list. I'll suggest one Star Control Origins.

  19. Great video. 2 other space games worth a look, although more ‘arcadey’ are Everspace 2 and Chorus. Enjoyed playing both of these titles but they’re not hugely challenging per se but engaging none the less (to me).

    Also, might want to check how you spell Discount on the Star Wars segment 😊

  20. I'm surprised Distant Worlds 2 isn't on the list; hands down the most detailed and engaging space 4X out there while still managing to remain accesible.

  21. Quick add: Stellaris has another feature that makes it unique. Most 4X games rely on a turn based system, but Stellaris has managed to make a 4X game happen in real time. This adds challenge, but also keeps players engaged instead of waiting for their turn.

  22. How you can remove Elite dangerous from the list?

  23. I'd also add Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion to the list. Like Stellaris, it's a real time 4X game that plays more like a RTS.

  24. Several of these have been free games on Epic over the last couple years.
    Another good game that is on sale is Space Haven.

  25. i hate how all the new dune games r based of the new stupid movie instead of the much better older movie

  26. Liberally uses footage from Eve – doesn't recommend Eve lol

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