Top 10 Upcoming Space Crafting Survival Games

Still a great time to be a Space Sim Sandbox Fan! Here are the top 10 upcoming Space Sim Sandbox Crafting Sims that are still on the way.

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  1. Thank u shack for doing this I've been looking for star made for about 5 years now because I watched a roleplay series back then but I kept forgetting what the game was called UNTIL this list of games was released

  2. 1-Space Engineers
    2-Star Made
    3-Occupy Mars
    4-Empyrion Galactic Survival
    6-Star Made
    7-Stars End
    8-Dual Universe
    9-X4 Foundations
    10-Interstellar Prime

  3. When is Space Engineers coming to Xbox One? The trailer was released years ago and we still don't have the game on Xbox

  4. Shack you got all of mine in perfect order to good job. 🙂

  5. I have dual, it was so worth the $120 I spent


  7. It ain't crafting based but the Space game I am most looking forward too that is up and coming has to be Rebel Galaxy Outlaws.

  8. So what you're telling me is, X gonna give it to ya?

  9. Imperium would be awesome with se’s physics and flying mechanics

  10. Just going to wait on Dual Universe…tried the others and they just didn't work out when it comes to a large scale MP game. SE chugs hard and is just too empty with its worlds. EGS can't handle more than a handful of ships or ground vehicles duking it out and biggest server is not even above 200. If DU gets it right, it'll be the Space MMO to play with how deep it's going with politics, economics, territories, etc.!

  11. I wonder how he could forget or let out subnautica in space: Breathedge? Though you don't build starships but it fit perfectly well with space crafting survival games, even more so then some on the list like X4. X4 is more a space strategy sim as I didn't realy find anything survival in there.

  12. Love that you're bringing attention to these games but this video was so poorly edited compared to the last 2 you made.

  13. Astroneer is releasing in a week. It's quite fun.

  14. You should checkout starsone its another early access game and rather cheap on steam

  15. Genisis, Alpha One. Looks interesting ship building with a bit of rouge like elements.

  16. A list with links would have been nice….

  17. i like how nearly all of these games are SE ripoffs 😀

  18. Dual Universe 5:20 Only game on the list worth the title [Upcoming] + [Space Sandbox]

  19. And then a little over two weeks later, full release of space engineers announced… this is why we love you Keen. Maybe they’ll finally add coffee for you Shack.

  20. Apologies if someone has mentioned this but how about hellion, its a good up coming game, i know ur good friend gul survives has been playing it n likes it

  21. Didn’t he play a game like interstellar prime?

  22. Not so much a survival game like those mentioned here but I am looking forward to Space Haven.  It looks like a SpaceBase DF9 style game mixed with a bit of Star Command and elements of XCom to top it off.  Although mostly speculation as I've only seen their announcement trailer or whatever on steam.

  23. mixing minecraft kind of genre with space sim/survival genre is like mixing milk with aged whiskey inappropriate

  24. sadly space engineers is dying and i only found it 🙁

  25. I saw a preview for a space survival/ base building Subnautica like game and have not been able find it. It requires you to leave the only working part of your ship/station to gather resources and you are limited by your air supply. Anyone else seen this game?

  26. I know this video is old but that's ok only got 1 Interstellar rift .

  27. Why does everyone say Empyriom when its obvious it has an N at the end? So annoying…its like people cant even read…even a big font title @@

  28. does anyone have a suggestion for a space survial game thats kinda like the movie the passengers, where you wake from up early from cryo-sleep and have to figure out whats wrong with the ship before it crashes or explodes?

  29. for those who are delayed, Star Wanderer is now called Starship Evo

  30. When doing a "list" video, it would be nice to actualy have a list somewere… if you don't write the name on the video at least put them in the description/comment.

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