Top 10 Upcoming Games That Go BEYOND The Stars

MathChief – The Best of Gaming!
Check out a look at new very EXCITING action-adventure space/sci-fi games that will be releasing in 2024 and more. This genre is not to be messed with as it looks to bring so many awesome games! Join the quest for glory with golden axe for pc! Play online and conquer the challenges ahead.
👾SUBSCRIBE:00:00 Intro
00:11 Jump Ship
02:28 Starship Simulator
05:43 The Alters
08:18 Squadron 42
11:26 Retrieval
13:15 Exodus
15:41 Space Marine 2
18:05 Star Truckers
19:00 Star Wars Outlaws (Fall 2024)
21:14 Glaciered

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  1. Man, there's so many good games in this one! 🎮Glaciered, The Alters, Jump Ship, Squadron 42… I'm excited for them all! Support the video by LIKING IT for more compilation like these! 😄🔥

  2. I'm so glad to be happily married with grown children so I don't have to go through this kind of thing I can't imagine dating in 2024……good luck to y'all

  3. I need more space games on console ! I wish I had a pc because they have all the best space sims on it ! I really hope we see more space sims come to consoles ! Elite dangerous was my favorite space sim to release on consoles ! But unfortunately frontier abandoned all support on consoles ! So there has been a large void left in me ! I been hoping for so many more space sims to be released on consoles ! Jump ship looks pretty good ! And I hope it gets released !

  4. Can you please create a discord server for indie games please

  5. Demo Starship Simulator and Star Truckers already available😀

  6. glaciered gived genshin impact vibes, which means dogshit

  7. Nice vid' ! For SQ42, I hope it will come in 2024, but I think Q1 or Q2 2025 it's a more realistic date !
    But so much exciting games coming to wait !

  8. this channel is so strange it promotes games that he said are doing thing different but nun of the games do anything better or different or never actually become fully flushed out games.

  9. How did I miss the alter's announcement 😱 thanks for talking about it again

  10. Squadron 42 isn’t it done by the same people of star citizen? In my opinion shouldn’t even be on the list. These people scammed tf out of people and star citizen ain’t even out yet still on beta tst

  11. How's it going, @MathChief? Could you tell us the name of the first song you used in this video (also used as your outro theme)? Thanks!

  12. Retrieval looks ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!

  13. Man, I’m SO into space games, thank you for covering these hidden gems
    Looking forward for some of them! 🎉

  14. Is Squadron 42 pc only or is it coming out for Ps5/Xbox??

  15. I need to correct some information that is mentioned in the video about jump ship.
    The game hasn't been playable through closed play tests. There only used to be a "alpha" version. But the download for that got removed because it does not represent what the game is now.

  16. Starship Simulator looks amazing. Even the early demo is ready playable.

  17. Why do most games have to be multiplayer? I only play single player games ffs.

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