Top 10 Space Sandbox Vehicle Building Survival Games 2020

EndoSkull Gaming
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⭐Today we look at the top 10 space sandbox vehicle building survival games and more!

📥Game TimeStamps
00:21 Starship Constructor
00:48 Interstellar Rift
01:33 Avorion
02:23 Kerbal Space Program
02:58 Kerbal Space Program 2
03:08 Empyrion Galactic Survival
03:59 StarMade
05:35 SpaceEngineers
06:15 SimpleRockets 2
07:13 Starbase
08:11 Starship EVO

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  1. Starship Evo, Starbase, and Worlds Adrift all share the same magic that all great games have.

  2. props for adding the links in the bio. very very nice!

    watched till the end. appreciate the honesty in this list. not just hyping stuff that you don't know.

  3. Why does the second game look just like starbase

  4. Been playing StarMade for about four years now and still play it. Going to look at Starship Evo as it will run on my laptop! Hopefully it will have a survival mode and full multiplayer gameplay in the future.

  5. "This is a pretty cool game I have played of 5 minutes" what?

  6. Kerbal 2 delayed to 2022.

    But very good list, thank you! 🙂

  7. Kerbal Space Program – "A great game! I didn't like it and couldn't get into it, but a GREAT GAME!" …. lol wut?

  8. KSP should be way up on the list. It's basically the only space game that is not super futuristic yet not super old, not to mention that it replicates real physics and is highly mod-able. It's a better simple rockets, basically.

  9. Nice. I started a 2D spaceship building game, you can see the results in Instagram: @voidhuntofficial

    it would make me so happy if you checked it out

  10. When he talk about the game i have A fealing he is just reading its steam page

  11. Space engineers top 1….. Star citizen top 2

  12. How can you make a top 10 list of games without even playing some of them?

  13. Dual universe would seem a pretty big ringer for this list no?

  14. I own Avorion Empyrion SE and Starmade, of those Starmade development is pretty much dead. Recommend people to not bother with it. Also I had to refund both interstellar rift and starship evo because those are way performance intensive still. I will probably try evo again since it has announced a new optimization update.

  15. That number one game has a very 'Thunderbirds' look to it, like the people are puppets or something, so that needs addressed since they were out in the 60's lol

  16. I wish Eleon and Keen would get together and make a game that takes the engineering details of Space Engineers and puts it into a full and flushed out universe like you get in Empyrion Galactic Survival.

  17. 45 seconds into your video: so you needed a 10th game.. that means it is not top 10 games.. it means the 10 games..

  18. "THIS IS IN THE TOP 10 OF BEST SANDBOX SPACE GAMES (though I wouldn't know, I didn't actually play it)"

  19. the problem with space engineers is that it doesn't work right. there's always some physics glitches that destroy your creations and driving on planet surfaces is not really possible for long streches. the terrain is super chunky and the wheels are too small and there's never enough ground clearance because of their design. but above all else, it's just glitching out all the time. it's just not possible to drive on a perfectly straight line on a perfectly flat plane for prolonged periods of time without glitching out and exloding.
    i feel like everything they added since planets made it into the game has been for the use on planets although none of the things that you do on planets ever worked right. so basically, if you don't want to be frustrated all the time you're stuck on asteroids and that gets old fairly quickly

  20. Just incase someone wants to know Starbase Just came out July 29th 2021 in early access

  21. are there free games? because my parents dont trust me enough to have a credit card

  22. Cant believe genesis alpha one as its a single player space ship building rogue like game and would have fit into this category

  23. I have space engineers on the Xbox it sucks it crashes alot lags alot just saying for anyone who wants to get it for xbox oh yeah and there is no good mods

  24. Definitely recommend space engineers. So much potential right now. And the mods are absolutely incredible.

    Ksp is fun but SE game is super real. Ksp: spend a few minutes building a ship crash and then just reset and try again.

    Space engineers you build up a production base, harvest and refine fuel spend a few hours building your ship and flying out to fun places. And if you crash it or get taken down by a random pirate or moded npc.. your ship is damaged no replace. No reset you get one ship and if you f**k it up you have to pick up the peices to survive

    Soooo much fun

  25. WHERE IS REASSEMBLY!!!!!!!11!!11!!!!!!!?!!

  26. Those games looks fun, but most of them are dead.

  27. SE and kerbal 2 are by far the two best space games ever

  28. 10… you've never played. 9 You played for 5 minutes? 2 is not available. No mention of Star Citizen… its NOT OUT EITHER…SHEESH. You should have just titled this video "10 space games I've hardly played" how can you call it a top ten?

  29. you guys have to try empyrion. not as complicated as other games but super fun with tough enemies to fight. awesome mods too.

  30. Hi! I've been playing a game called Reassembly a lot. But I'd love to know if anyone knows of a 3D sort of version of it. The aspect that I like the most is the automated ship/station creation. I basically try to make it fill the entire game with ships so there is no free space left. Kinda like bacteria dividing and covering everything. The best is that it takes energy to create matter, so it's effectively infinite.

  31. starbase was really nice, but it kind of ruined itself.
    they removed the advanced building mode
    I got it, but it was impossible to do anything fun unless you do hundreds of hours of grinding for money

  32. Hey how about a revisit @EndoSkull to starship evo? It's been a couple years since and the game is still in early access. Has it advanced much based "Alpha" state mentioned in this video or is it stuck in a perpetual Early Access/Alpha state?

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