Top 10 Space Combat Video Games
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  1. Freespace 2 is the best game ever. A lot of mods too, check out star wars mods, it will be an awesome experience if you love Rogue squadron
    star fox 64? That is not 64 XD

  2. No Colony Wars 1&2? Perfect example of why no one takes Watch Mojo serious.

  3. x-wing alliance and jumpgate were better single and multiplayer than any of these

  4. Wing Commander: Privateer was really good too.

  5. I was shocked that Elite Dangerous didn't make number 1, Also I was shocked that Tie Fighter didn't beat out starfox.

  6. Surprisingly good list. Only slip up was the inclusion of Star Fox, which while great, is too on rails to really give an authentic feeling of flying through space. Colony Wars would have been a more fitting console representative

  7. Space games and movies sacrifice logic for action, space combat in reality would be done millions of kilometres away with beams and rockets, like todays sea ships fire tomahawk missiles from great distances guided by satellites at enemies! : ( : ( ; (

  8. these game are just piece of junks from 90s give me something i can play on my 4K monitor with my RX-580 graphic card.

  9. I came here hoping to find a game I’ve never heard of like freespace except you can pilot the huge cruisers and naw, Freespace itself took the cake haha. Not surprised

  10. Have you ever asked yourself – in the quieter moments – how BORING your life has become that you wend your waking moments on something that just doesn't…matter? I mean, video games? Really???

  11. Plz no one hate me. But tbh Infinite Warfare deserves a spot on this list. It might not be the best COD game but its a good futuristic game.

  12. WHAT ABOUT No Man Sky AND Rebel Galaxy YOU IDIOT !!!!!!!

  13. Star Fox is better than Tie Fighter????????

  14. Particle Systems "I-War" and "I-War 2: Edge of Chaos" … both fantastic, visually and technically, using almost proper orbital mechanics and physics, also separate consoles to manage Flying, Engineering and Weapons!

  15. What video games where these before the list started?

  16. Colony Wars trilogy on the PS1. Those were awesome.

  17. Does anyone recognize the second clip? I really want to find it.

  18. even in 2020 I'm playing Tie Fighter, I really love that game, I LOVE IT, I SAID!!!!!!

    I love it

  19. Starlancer, X-Wing Alliance, and Colony Wars should have been on that list. Starfox 64 beating TIE Fighter? LOL that's like saying that Super Mario Brothers is a better combat game than anything in the Battlefield series, because of the plumber to mushroom fighting.

  20. You said that you excluded shoot'em up from this list and you included Starfox in, what is Starfox if not a shoot'em up?

  21. Me smacks my head on my desk star citizen is out just not squadron 42

  22. I want to know a game in which we play as Alpha1 in first mission then Alpha2 says to us"hey there Alpha1 ive heard you are new to the Galatea,just follow my lead and you'll be fine".

  23. I enjoy play Project Slypheed. Great space combat game. Sad it didn't make the list. 🙁

  24. More than 10 years ago I played Freelancer. I loved the game but at the time I was bad at games and didn't have time to play games.
    Today I remembered the game but didn't know the name of the game and went searching for it and finally found it here in this video.

  25. Was surprised galaxy on fire apeard here

  26. Guys ive been finding this game hope you can help me it was a shooting game on space like that where your spaceship is color blue on the first level like that and i remember there was an anemy spaceship color green when you attacked it it deployes little spaceship like that

  27. I really like the fact that you added galaxy on fire 2 to this list. I have been playing that game for probably 8 years now and I have played it hundreds of times over. I am one of the administrators on the galaxy on fire fandom page and I have put so much time into this game and it’s wiki. One of my absolute top favorite games ever.

  28. FREELANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I cheered so hard when the number 1 came up… damn tooting it is!

  30. When you chose FreeSpace 2 as your number 1 i instantly subscribed! Descent series is my favourite all time, was way ahead of its time..nice list

  31. Freelancer is the best space game ever made.

  32. I think Freelancer is actually not a sequel to Starlancer. I can´t see any connection except for similarities in the name and that they both are space based games. (They are even different kinds of space games)

  33. For the art of video games, I am unbiased by age. Hello 6 year old video.

  34. Don't underestimate the importance of Fury³ – this was one of the first games to be a "killer app" for Windows 95. It showed off an exceptional combat sim on the then-new OS, where you piloted a spacecraft that could rapidly shift from combat in upper orbit to descending for an air strike or to pass through tunnels in an enemy fortress. It's definitely dated now, but still incredibly fun to pick up now and again.

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