TOP 10 Really COOL SPACE GAMES of 2017 & Beyond

We present you our “TOP 10 Really Cool Space Games of 2017 & Beyond” list. New Anticipated Games on PS4, Xbox One & PC games coming in 2017 & 2018! Hope you enjoy! (WARNING: VIDEO RATED 18+)

#10: Robinson the journey – 0:00
#9: Routine – 1:50
#8: Halo Wars 2 – 2:55
#7: Elite Dangerous – 5:13
#6: Lone Echo – 7:29
#5: Dual Universe – 8:38
#4: Prey – 9:58
#3: Mass Effect Andromeda – 12:07
#2: Infinity: Battlescape – 16:48
#1: Star Citizen – 20:47

Share your thoughts about the TOP 10 Best Space Games of 2017 for PS4, Xbox One & PC and leave a comment.

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  1. The biggest problem with games taking so long to develop is that by the time they release, the engine(s) they were developed on are extinct.

  2. Tip. Just because a game is set on a space station or alien world, does not make it a space game.

    FSP SciFi adventure, / FPS SciFi horror. Does not = a space game.

  3. Does someone know a game where you at on some planet and there is a boss fight where you fight a guy with electric glove or something please reply if you know because i forgot that game XD (sorry for my en)

  4. What were you guys saying about Star Citizen? Watch me play 3.0 PTU HEHEEE.

  5. Star citizen in number 1? The game can barely run on a gaming PC. You legit can't run it with something that can run GTA 5 on very high settings. Not even on the lowest. Why? Their network servers take 95% of your memory and disk usage.

    …the rest 200 percent of the memory is taken up by exactly nothing… The result? Minimum memory requirement: 32gb, even then it still lags according to people.

  6. I dont think you understand what people mean by SPACE GAMES you dumb shit

  7. Lol I own Elite Dangerous and have max rep in both factions, This is not the game that was previewed here lol

  8. Dual universe best game if you agree

  9. the 10th one is like subnautica but on land

  10. halo wars 2. Halo. Wars. 2. What the fuck is this list?


  12. I see you have no idea what people mean when they say space game.. your video sucks ass for space games searches, so you do to ^_^

  13. SC is NOT a game yet, only a VISION of a great and beautiful game…. pherhaps in 2020…. (or maybe later?!? the answer my friend is blowing in the wind…)

  14. Here is another one… Star Citizen is just a system for sucking money from unwary.
    IF anything will ever be accomplished that could be called a complete Star Citizen game, considering the time and the cost to make it, it will mathematically be a product that will never satisfy.

  15. Over a year later comes back to check what is the tune playing over Star Citizen but still no answer 🙁 Does anyone know?

  16. Star citizen is great and all but an i-7 is a must because its currently at a cpu hog

  17. No man sky should be here after the newest update

  18. Message from the future : star citizen will come to first players at 2021.( remember this message.)

  19. Guys u really shouldn’t be to pumped for star citizen…

  20. Star Citizen the most ($180) I've ever spent on an idea that will probably never see release… gamer-scam of the century.

  21. Thank u so much I found many games I like.

  22. Dual Universe…not thinking about the rest.

  23. Nice Video. For the keyword: 'space video game' you currently rank #2. You are almost there.

  24. I swear to god if i can't find a beyond good and evil 2 looking game I'm gonna off myself. I need something to hold myself over

  25. Mass Effect Andromeda could have been a box office for games. Unfortunately it was utterly ruined by the developer's quality to deliver a bug-free sensational game. Bioware should be sued for destroying the hopes & dreams from millions of fans out there.

  26. Dangerous elite is by far the best looking space game ever in my opinion.

  27. Star Citizen : biggest scam of century …

  28. Great list, will Star Citizen ever release!

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