TOP 10 Really COOL SPACE Games Coming in 2018 & Beyond

We present you our “TOP 10 COOL SPACE Games, Coming in 2018 & Beyond releasing on PS4, Xbox One & PC” ranking list. Hope you enjoy it!

(0:00) #10: Dissolution (Summer 2019/PC)

(1:49) #9: Occupy Mars (2019/PC)

(2:48) #8: Genesis Alpha One (January 2019/PS4, Xbox One & PC)

(4:31) #7: Age of Wonders: Planetfall (2019/PC)

(5:06) #6: Interstellar Prime (Dec 17, 2018/PC)

(5:36) #5: Freeman Star Edge (TBA/PC)

(8:10) #4: Squadron 42 (TBA/PC)

(11:01) #3: Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 (January 2019/ Windows PC)

(12:37) #2: Star Citizen (TBA/PC)

(15:10) #1: Anthem (February 22, 2019/PS4, Xbox One & PC)

Bonus game:
(16:53) X4: Foundations (Nov 30, 2018/PC)

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  1. I prefer wait 20 years and the game will be grate. This is for SC haters.

  2. Hate all you want on Squadron 42 and Star Citizen but in the end it shall be a reality and will probably be the most played space game ever. I'm just sad I can't rub it your faces once it's out.

    Instead of supporting and encouraging the project (even if you don't pre-order) you bash a idea that is the dream of many gamers around the world. Look what quality material and ideas SC is churning out, what actors play in the game and tell me you don't want it completed. It will ruin fucktard studios like EA and Activision because they ruined and dumber down AAA games.

    Oh, by the way, enjoy your trash games. You've earned it for hating SC/SQ42. Hating this this ambitious project is plain stupid, because it's actually starting to implement advanced gameplay.

    Bugs? It's normal, it's alpha… An amazing alpha at that.

  3. I'm really looking forward to the space game genre … I think it really has alot coming to it

  4. well the crap vid for dissolotion told us fk all about what the game is about. too bad.

  5. star citizen LOL is that still a thing? when is it out 2045?

  6. Isnt squadrin 42 and star citizen the same game?

  7. Who else thinks Freeman Star Edge is like Skyrim in space?

  8. Evochron legacy, starpoint Gemini warlords, and Stellaris a pretty good games to…

  9. No Gameplay Footage = AutoDislike

  10. You all should look at a game called elite dangerous

  11. All with guns and conflict. Same shit at a higher resolution. Who cares anymore…

  12. Freeman Star Edge looks like a Skyrim mod. Complete with mudcrabs.

  13. I’m a big fan of Chris Roberts, I’ve played All his games to date… hell, I even beta tested a couple back in the day, but Star Citizen…. vapourware of the worst sort. This “project” is getting as bad as Battle Cruiser series of farces… I got sucked into that shit-storm in 1996 and was still hoping in a deluded fashion that I’d get something playable in 2003… needless to say I was disappointed.
    All I’m saying is that until I get a playable game, all this Star Citizen Crap is just that, Pretty, Exciting, Enticing Crap… It’s just advertising… it doesn’t exist.
    Sorry to be a prick and burst anyone’s bubble… but better now than having waited and wished for 7 years, just to end up with a handful shit.
    Don’t wait boys and girls, take it form your 51 year old, cynical old bastard, who’s been playing computer games since the early 80s… play what’s real & available now. Forget about vapourware that’s constantly going to released next year.
    In the words of Blackberry Smoke, “Wishes in one hand, shit in the other… see which one fills up first for you brother. If wishes were horses, we’d all get to ride.”

  14. is it just me or the audio is of poor quality ?

  15. Many of the trailers didn't show ingame gameplay. Did not care about those games since they got something crappy to hide. A company that does show ingame gameplay I respect.

  16. is Anthem even a space game, when i hear a space game i expect large scale world or galaxy similar to ED, not having a space picture on a loading screen…

  17. I wouldn’t be including star citizen in any game coming out this century

  18. Only clicked to see if this fool put star citizen on the list

  19. Wow it really did come to this…
    I always wanted adverts in my adverts. 😆😋

    Kidding… I know ya got to try to make a living too. 😉😘

    There are some nice new looking games in development…
    Sadly, there is so much new content created out there now all the time, it's starting to feel like chasing to the horizon… and no time to experience everything… 🤤

  20. The thing is with space games, its so hard to capture the emptiness and vastness of space without making it boring or frying our hardware

  21. Thanks for showing me stuff I can't afford

  22. Zenith: Yeah, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, and Astrox Imperium (coming March 23) looks pretty good too! Good shout out to RGO!

  23. Why list Star Citizen? They haven't given a release date. You're ruining the channels credibility.

  24. Freeman Star Edge looks like someone attempted to hybridize Halo and No Man's Sky, or reskinned PUBG in a scifi genre… all three titles were great in their own rights… but together they form Revoltron, the giant space robot that makes you want to puke.

  25. @thegamingworld Thank you so much for featuring our game INTERSTELLAR PRIME on your channel! It's you tubers like yourself that really help bring recognition to us. We'd love to hear back from you and your fans on our discord channel
    Thanks again

  26. …the face when you watch this in 2019 and see Anthem Nr. 1

  27. Star Citizen listed as a game ??????? ARE YOU KIDDING ???

  28. Are you having a laugh or what. fuck sake. you had to have done that on purpose Anthem 1st. after star citizen. you crazy man. haha

  29. Why is fucking Star Citizen in the fucking list? I would put it in the perma-in-alpha list. It gets annoying to see this game in every compilation for years you know?

  30. Great, another video with 10 trailers that are almost indistinguishable, no context, no news, no description, just loud music spaceships and explosions.
    Why do i even lose my time…

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