Top 10 PC ►SPACE◄ Games to Watch in 2016!

Space games—they take us to the final frontier—crossing impossible distances to alien worlds and galaxies that act as a stage for hope and conflict. Well, it’s time you turned to your cosmic horizon and set sail to these stars.

►*Question for you!*◄
How do you choose which space game to play?

Infinity: Battlescape – I-Novae Studios

Into the Stars – Fugitive Games

The Mandate – Perihelion Interactive

Fractured Space – Edge Case Games

Firefly Online – Quantum Mechanix, Spark Plug Games

Flagship – Urban Logic Games

ION – Improbable Worlds

Defect: Spaceship Destruction Kit – Three Phase Interactive

Everspace – Rockfish Games

Angels Fall First – Strangely Interactive

Also mentioned:
Star Citizen – Cloud Imperium Games

No Man’s Sky – Hello Games


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  1. I think a thing all sci fi games should have is being able to explore the insides of your ship, its cool to shoot lazers into your enemy with your capital ship but all you are doing is shooting, there is no crew inside the ship noone using the turrets, piloting fighters, soldiers ready for boarding… Basically YOU are the ship itself…

  2. Now if they only had a game that was Space Engineers, Rust, and Star Citizen rolled into one.. I would be set.

  3. Nice list. Most impressive is that you did not include Stellaris in your list. That game is not good in its current condition. It is truly a game to watch to see if it can get good. Maybe in a year or two.

  4. Size of the universe.
    Must be multi player.
    Must be excellent as single player AND multi player.
    Awesome graphics.
    Lot's of things to do.
    No silly "joystick" flight mode.

    EVE Online pretty much is near perfect, but I always quit because I can;t seem to grow anymore (I always reach the point where I get big enough to become an interesting target for pew pew people, but I can never get my team to fight through and survive and grow bigger, this is the fate of many EVE players)

  5. Game must not have things that annoy me.

    1. Needing to write prices down on paper in a trading game.
    2. Scripted stuff – I much prefer procedurally generated.

    Thx for the vid – I decided to keep an eye on Mandate 😉

  6. I like full scale open world beautiful graphics and being able to travel to other planets

  7. So does no one care about darkorbit anymore?

  8. Try Elite Dangerous ,how can you forget about that one only if you got payed buy other developers

  9. You can only bring 2 friends to a team of 5 in fractured space and then fight with 2 strangers. In other words, strategy is a bit rich to even mention.
    And why are you even bothering to compare No Mans Sky with much too little development to what Star Citizen is already well under way to be?

    You sir, have lost my vote of confidence twice in one and the same video.

  10. i was hoping for a space game where you can explore countless planets and a mission to keep you occupied for short hours and for long one. And with a reasonable physics where spaceship can't enter earth because they couldnt fly there unlike local airplanes.


  11. Hell yeah Fractured Space. Play it now guys.

  12. No Man's Sky turned out to be a sham. Come back here for more space game ideas. hehe

  13. Man I just can't freaking wait for star citizen. I'm looking for a space game to play in the meantime. I've been looking at everspace but the fact that you can't get out of your spaceship and walk around plus there's no multiplayer kinda breaks it for me. I just wait a space shooter with both space and planet exploration, multiplayer and one where you can of course get out of your ship and walk around gather materials, craft and shoot things. Pretty much what star citizen would be. No mans sky would be a great alternative except they excluded a bunch of features they promised. If they would have included them then I would buy it without a second thought. Multiplayer is a must because the other thing better than exploring the galaxy is doing it with a friend.

  14. Unfortunatly we not get anymore game like Descent Freespace2!!!

  15. Well since e everyone is hating on No Man Sky I am interested in finding a space exploration game for PC wich is worth the price…reason why I'm here!!

  16. The point I look for is infinite space exploration, and galaxies and stars to be created as we move forward


  18. Fractured Space and Everspace are awsome
    Angels Fall First has huge potential yet still requires a lot of work, it's Early access anyway
    Into the stars looks great but has a lot to work on i would recommend redesign the combat, the project should be more ambitious

  19. Built a strong system topping it off with a 1080, and Battlescape is just the game this build has been waiting for.

  20. The first game I played on the pc was fury cubed. It had excellent flight mechanics. I had a Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro joystick. I did loops, rolls and could attack without losing my place on the planet. It was a great game. This is one thing I am looking for in a game. Though most developers seem to have finally gotten this.

    Then there was Wing Commander and Privateer 2. Lousy flight mechanics but were fun to play. Missions were very good and challenging.
    Then there was Homeworld. Didn't understand what I was flying so I uninstalled the game.
    Several years ago I bought Freelancer. Mouse only, I didn't like that but I enjoyed the game in spite of that flaw. I like the story line. Working with the local military and then getting to do solo missions to build up credits to get better ships and weapons. I didn't like that some of the weapons didn't have the impact that was stated in the purchasing area. When I got Windows 8.1 I could not install it.

    I tried Evochron Legacy. Didn't like it I found some bugs. Contacted the developer and he wouldn't do anything to fix it. I also didn't like that the fuel was so expensive that you lost credits each time you did a mission.
    I also bought Elite Dangerous CMDR Deluxe edition. Problem with that was when you installed their downloader it was not listed. I contacted them they would not respond. They were having catastrophic problem with the 2.2 patch that 1000's of people were installing. I got my money back from both Evochron and Elite. I did not like their attitude.

    So a game with good flight mechanics especially when you are in a dogfight and you don't end up being 10 million km. away from a planet or some such thing. A game where I can use my Thrustmaster HOTAS. Really good graphics that will work with my NVidia GT 640. A game that unlike Evochron Legacy where  I can travel to various systems an be able to make some credits. A game that is not an arcade game. Maybe a story line to make the game more interesting.

  21. So I'm stuck on either Astroneer or Star Citizen.. Anyone play both and recommend one over the other? I know Astroneer is only in Early Access and has bugs to work out.. but that doesn't bother me too much. That's to be expected with all games which we should all be used to by now. I also know they are two different kinds of games.. just looking to see what one I wont get bored of quickly and have more fun playing.


  23. Everspace seems like a better no mans sky

  24. no mans sky is good its graphics became good when the foundation update came out and all in all its awesome!

  25. You asked what turns us on in a space game………. for me?
    Non-Linear Open World. Think Sandbox style but still having campaigns, perks and options based on faction type the player chooses, the relationship between Player and different Factions, and an environment which evolves with choices the player makes but also takes into account natural evolution of each faction.

    A MUST have is space ship customization, building from scratch, etc…. Seamless transition from Space to Planet is paramount.

    Start thinking Star Trek Bridge Commander now. Actually being able to issue orders without instantaneous results is crucial. Each crew member is unique and operation of a starship doesn't stop at the captain… it flows down hill to the chiefs of each section … be it security, tactical, ops, engineering, etc… and then to the peons that support each chief. So response and result times will vary based on crew type, experience, etc.

    The Ability to progress those in charge and those of the crew is a must as well. Being able to fine tune is a MUST based on how the player wishes to play.

    Finally ….. an infinite unexplored universe(s) with ability to travel seamlessly from one to the next is crucial as well. Not being limited to one galaxy or universe (or timeline) would be a superb treat. Who wouldn't want to explore the possibilities of an alternate reality based around their own environment? (the ship or the player)

    This is where a game like this could get pretty complicated and very huge in size in terms of data…. but the end result would be something that has a very long replay or continuation value.

  26. Everspace is the best space game i have played, it is really good game, one minus, it doesn't have multiplayer. Also have played Elite dangerous, and it is a pure shit for me. Hard to control the ship, you cant upgrade your weapons, or landing to planets, because u need horizons and engineers patches, that costs

  27. There is Pirate Galaxy its an old game but good space game

  28. theres a space game that got realeased that had. adope trailer. it was a suspenseful space game. im trying to look for it i forgot the name of the game.

  29. Need a space game so immersive I lose my job, family, friends, everything!

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