Top 10 NEW SPACE Games of 2020 & 2021 | PC, PS4, XBOX ONE (4K 60FPS)

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Top 10 NEW SPACE Games of 2020 & 2021 | PC, PS4, XBOX ONE (4K 60FPS)

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00:00 Everspace 2 – 2021 | PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
01:27 Squadron 42 – 2021 | PC
04:45 Beyond Good & Evil 2 – TBA | PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
08:11 Kerbal Space Program 2 – 2020 | PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
10:48 Hades 9 – 2021 | PC
12:27 Infinity: Battlescape – 2020 | PC
15:05 Fringe Wars – 2020 | PC, PS4, XBOX ONE
16:22 Space Engine – 2021 | PC
18:28 Underspace – 2020 | PC
19:55 Starfighter Inc. (In The Black ) – TBA | PC
20:42 Project Genesis – 2021 | PC
22:24 Ostranauts – TBA | PC

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  1. I loved Freelancer. Are there any swashbuckling space RPG with a decent single player storyline? Some of these look interesting but I’ve found a lot of these games have more or less the same mission and lack of characters you care about.

  2. Squadron 42 clip with no actual gameplay. Yeah that sounds about right from CIG, and the person that chose the music for Project Genesis, you're fired.

  3. looking foward to squadren 42 at end 2020 ish and beyond gd and evil when it comes out . good things come to those who wait …

  4. What no Space Engineers boo lol. Pretty good list here though but people really should give Space Engineers a try. Even though it's learning curve is quite high.

    But is a blast to play once you get the mechanics of it down a bit. It even has recently released on XBone.

    But I don't recommend that version quite yet as it is highly fragmented with some significant performance issues.

    Seems like Space Engineers would have been a better port for new consoles then for current ones. But it's still worth checking out on PC. :b

  5. I didn’t find beyond good and evil 2 on the Xbox one ?

  6. Is it just me or does fringe wars (15:05) look exactly like dreadnaught

  7. Now i want a fucking new gen dope space game, with no loading in planets, that would be so awesome

  8. Squadron 42 is definitely NOT going to release in 2021.

  9. Looks like I'm sticking to X4 for this year. There is a void in singleplayer capitalship RPGs that could be explored. Hades 9 maybe but I don't see it releasing next year. Is it too much to ask for an FTL like game but in 1st person?

  10. How have the messed up beyond good and evil so badly? Besides the ship combat this looks terrible. Just clunky.

  11. Ain't star citizen basically all of this in one game even though it's an alpha it would top all of these

  12. @
    Now Gaming Time

    How do we contact you in regards to doing a beta test or a review for our game?

  13. Beyond good and evil 2 looks really tempting!

  14. SQ42 is not coming out next year.

  15. at this rate squadron 42 and star citizen are either going to be the greatest games ever created or the greatest disappointment in gaming ever. theirs sadly no middle ground for the two anymore.

  16. Harald Krull der vierte ausm Weinregal says:

    We're still waiting for Star Citizen 🙁

  17. Many companies have budget and technical skills, but not good ideas. Ideas are more worth becuz they gives us better games. Subnautica had no much budget and faced much bugs, but God… what an awesome game.

  18. If anyone wants a gamecode for starcitizen, you can use it when creating an account to get some extra 5k starting credits 🙂 STAR-ZZMS-GGMK

  19. Really Sqadron42!!! you mistaken the year may be 2221 we will see this scam!

  20. this pro / crackoford 1/on lG was able to get my lG page verified in few hours, he is such a legend……..

  21. lol Squadron 42 in 2021? xD I'm a star citizen backer and supporter and even I don't believe that 😛

  22. Good video but I was solidly confused for the first 4 nearly 5 minutes of intro and I didn't really like it anyway but ignoring that this is an amazing video and thanks for this info!

  23. Hi everyone, I'm trying to refer new people to my favourite game Star Citizen. My referral code is STAR-R47P-CYLF If you like space games and MMO's this is one for you. Anybody that signs up using my referral code i would greatly appreciate the help as im working towards ingame rewards for each new player, it will also grant you bonus credits for signing up. Any help ill be really grateful, all the best and stay safe
    If you would like to add me ingame, always looking for a crew "The-Notorious-B"

  24. Bruh just get straight to the point and not put such a long intro

  25. Been waiting for beyond good and evil for years…still waiting!!!!

  26. anyone know the song name in project genesis?

  27. Fringe warfare is just dreadnought

  28. I love games that depict a time I will never see 😍

  29. Meine Meinung das meiste gezeigte ist für mich Müll .

  30. A PC game that does NOT need the steam or origin apps is preferred. They are useless.

  31. Wow, isn't it time to just call Star Citizen what it is, a giant hoax? It's been in development for a long time. Like, I can't remember how long.

  32. If you cant get out of a ship im not interested, this is 21st century and we still have mediocre or rushed game thrown down our throat.. well im not swollowing it. so far the only game that got my attention was Beyond Good and Evil

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