Top 10 Best Space Games 2019 & 2020

Best Space Games 2019 & 2020.

The best space games of 2019 and upcoming space games 2020.

Top 10 Best Space Games 2019 & 2020 :

1. 0:37 Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

2. 1:14 No Man’s Sky Beyond

3. 1:52 X4 Foundations

4. 2:34 Elite Dangerous

5. 3:03 Infinity Battlescape

6. 3:34 EVE Online

7. 4:10 Dual Universe

8. 4:38 Kerbal Space Program 2

9. 5:02 Everspace 2

10. 5:30 Beyond Good and Evil 2

5:48 Honorable mentions

Space Engineers

The Outer Wilds

Between the Stars

Squadron 42

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  1. Is Infinity Battlescape VR? Great stuff, Squid. I appreciate the coverage. That pirate game was news to me. There is no way S42 will be a "best" space game in 2020, even if, against all odds, it actually sees a playable beta in 2020; that just seems so far fetched, though.

  2. So everspace 2 will compete with rebel galaxy outlaw ? Which one I should choose?

  3. Squid, you should give Spacebourne a try. Really good space combat and rig open 'world' game. It's incredible what one developer was able to do. It has much more depth than some of the AAA titles and looks great too

  4. Infinity Battlescape shows how early access is done right. It is already more polished than most games at thier full release.

  5. Anyone else having to laugh when he said SQ42 in 2020? xD Knowing CIG, it's gonna be delayed another 2 years.

  6. KSP2 sounds REALY interesting to me. Looking forward to that. And Elite Dangerous finally getting space legs and atmospheric landings! 😀

  7. Outer Wilds is amazing and should absolutely be approached spoiler free. It's way more story driven than games like Elite and it actually has an ending. Anyone who likes games that reward exploration and games that do not hold your hand should really check it out. Its very charming.

  8. Remind me to look up Rebel Galaxy Outlaw again in a year or so. Thanks internet

  9. pretty much all space games are spacebattle games not exploration

  10. Squadron 42 is star citizen just one of the game modes

  11. I’m curious. Do you happen to know about how much it cost to develop and get these games to release?

  12. I like playing "Rocket Craze" on my mobile more 🙂

  13. Lol No man Sky had me in 2016 and lost me in 2016 lol.

  14. Eve Online, the second job you have to pay for. lol

  15. Hi, great clip my dude. I'm looking for a space combat game for ps4 can you help me ?

  16. I wonder if someday will be a game with space theme mixed elements like Darkstar One, Eve, X4 and Star Citizen? I wish a game that you could not only buy and upgrade ships, but also with the possibility that you could tune the ships for your taste(similar with Darkstar One)?

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