“Top 10 Best Mobile Games 2024 – Best FPS Games for Low End Mobile (10 Best Android Games 2024 Offline/Online Multiplayer) Best iOS Games 2024, New Mobile FPS Games to Download Now – Like Call of Duty, CS:GO Mobile, Warzone Mobile 1GB & 2GB RAM! Mobile Gaming Video, Top Mobile Games”


Hi everyone! ExxotikGaming here – hope you’re all having a great day today! In today’s video, as per MANY of your requests, I will be telling you all my pick at the top 10 best FPS games for low-end Android & iOS devices in 2024! These are the best shooting games for low-end Android phones, both the best offline games for Android & iOS, and the best multiplayer games for Android & iOS! Can’t play COD Mobile (Call of Duty Mobile), PUBG Mobile, Valorant Mobile, Warzone Mobile, Rainbow Six Mobile, Arena Breakout, Combat Master battle royale, Delta Force: Hawk Ops or other popular titles? These are great alternatives! If you are looking how to fix lag in PUBG Mobile, how to fix lag in ROBLOX mobile FPS games, how to fix lag in COD Mobile, and much more, never fear: there are great alternatives out there! I even tell you all about brand new upcoming mobile FPS games in 2024 as well. Some may even say the “best mobile games 2024”, or best mobile games of all time! These “no lag” Android games are absolutely worth the download. Which one is your favorite?!

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  1. I tried poly war and I kept one shotting with the ak

  2. Carnage wars can overheat my xiaomi 12tpro so be careful with the graphics on low end devices if you dont want a meltdown.

  3. Hey exotic ur a legend ❤❤❤❤❤ i love you bro thanks

  4. You got to be smoking something ab is not for low end devices

  5. YES I could not play combat masters battle Royale

  6. Yo exxotikgaming can you please make a top 10 offline games video

  7. As a brutal strike player, the game is definitely good, although it can be hard to set up a server, but once you do. It's pretty good, the wait times are a bit long but it's worth some cheap fun when you're bored

  8. Do u mind doing one for the best WW2 offline FPS games? Please

  9. came back to this channel after a long time known if for 5 years

  10. Thumbnail game is Called "Polygon"😅

  11. The fact that he still makes vids for low end games in 2024 Is really thoughtfull Thanks alot bro❤

  12. Yo exxotik gaming can we get another low end game video for 2gb / 3gb ram phones

  13. i dont recommend PixelGun3D anymore is not the same game anymore its just became a whole new game

  14. Hey gamer yall like Battlefield but yall dont have console or no money i got yall its caĺled firefront its only for android its early access but give it a sho

  15. I don't think arena breakout is for low end, it crashes on 3 gb ram

  16. Which games are those two on the screen before he starts listing them?

  17. Exxotic come back to pixel gun 3d they add back some weapons that were rare and old maps everyone like this up so he notices this

  18. can you do a video about mobile games with controller support

  19. Lyer when i play ARena Breakout i was lagging so much

  20. What the name of mabs in brutal strike

  21. Special forces group 3 has been released. Can you give me some tips how to play it on BlueStacks 5?
    Because in mobile, it runs easily.

  22. For me the warzone just not available for my phone.

  23. Bro i can play Arena Breakout without Iphone 😡

  24. can you find the best ww2 games pls on android and ios pls

  25. I agree mechanics are more important I played Snowbreak on the lowest graphics and while it did struggle it was fun

  26. Why arena breakout not working on oppo A12

  27. Arena breakout? Bro i just try it on my zte blade a54 4gb phone and its still laggy at the most lower graphic and ive been kick from the game several times (force close). Even among us still lagging these days wtf i cant play any game anymore guess i just stick with my snes game called maruko chan island 🤷

  28. Watching this on 8gb ram s10+ 😈😈😈

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