Todd Howard OPENS UP On Starfield – Dialogue Reveal, Space Exploration Info, 250,000 Lines, & MORE!

A surprise, but a welcome one. An unlisted interview with Todd Howard on Bethesda’s YouTube channel has been making the rounds and it gives us some long awaited answers. Finally, we have laid our eyes on Starfield’s highly touted dialogue system which looks to be a return to form! But there’s plenty more. Details on how fueling your ship works, the return of the Adoring Fan, over 250,000 confirmed lines of dialogue, and much more. Let’s feast!

Retro Rebound:

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  1. I have been excited for this game since its first reveal. This is going to be an absolute blast, basically my dream game. Thanks for the updates Matty… 👍

  2. Looks good, still doesn't justify me buying a whole console just for one game. Hopefully gets released ob others.

  3. Not excited about this game at all. In the video game business there is a saying. "You're only good as your last title".

    Fallout 76 was a unanimous DISASTER of a game, so that ain't good for starfield.

    I see starfield being delayed "Again" and when it finally does come out it will take Bethesda a whole year and change to make this game run ok. Another dud.

  4. Quick Question: Todd Hoiward has told boldfaced lies to use about games more than once with no shame at all. Why the F$%K would gamers ever trust or believe this liar ever again??

  5. It's nice that it's a passion project, because that will mean todd has motivation to get it right

  6. Kinda sucks it's going to be a silent protagonist, oh well

  7. Can't believe how big Starfield Is going to be, to put 250,000 lines of dialogue into perspective, Shakespeare wrote 37 plays that are up to 4hours long, the total number of lines of dialogue is 108,157 so Starfield is almost 2.5x bigger than the entire work of Shakespeare.
    Apparently 1000 lines is about an hour long in a play so Starfield has roughly 250 hours of dialogue.

  8. Do you know if the main character will talk in the game or everybody else around in the world will talk with your character but the main character will not talk just dialogue options

  9. Great video and all but I need more of Bethesda's community manager. Nude, if possible.

  10. Not gonna pre-order. 76 nuked the trust.

  11. yea, i'm going to assume everything will go horribly wrong for this game. If I'm proven wrong, then great. I'd just rather be pessimistic, at least when it comes to large scale games like this.

  12. I really wish this was coming out on PS5 as well. I really enjoyed when Bethesda was multi platform. I would rather have games stay like that then this "forcing it to be exclusive stuff" this game looks facinating regardless.

  13. Why do you think the the player's lines are not included in that number, he didn't say voiced lines, so that number probably includes the player lines too

  14. You all forget that fallout 4 doesn't just have 1 voiced protagonist. It has 2.

  15. I know hating on Bethesda is popular these days, but god damn. They just make games like no one else. They just hit a sweet spot for me, what can I say?

  16. I couldn’t care less about this game tbh. It just looks so generic and uninspired to me from the narrative, to the art direction, to the gameplay, etc. It just all looks like it’s been done before in other games and done better. I could be wrong of course, but I have subterranean level hype for this game so far.

  17. Who cares. It's not like it's going to come out in our lifetime.

  18. Starfield is going to be a buggy mess, like every other Bethesda game, requiring Mod Authors to fix the issues that Bethesda is incapable of fixing themselves.

  19. I just hope this isn't another cyberpunk situation

  20. I can't wait to hear 250,000+ lines of dialogue from the same 3 voice actors. God's be praised.

  21. Real question is will o be able to do my luck build again

  22. I really hope they have a dead space style abandoned space station dungeon. If not I know the modders got that one. Super excited about Starfield.

  23. You guys believe this? Like you know this is Bethesda right? Do you really think any of this is real or will work as intended?

  24. He is gearing up the hype train. I'm still going with 3-3-23.

  25. 250k lines of dialog is great and all, but if it is crap dialog, who cares? I hope this will be an actual good story with character emotion you can actually feel and relate with ala cdpr or old bioware instead of typical Bethesda.

  26. Dude you made a really good point I didn't think of.. Your character is NOT voiced in Starfield.. (that alone shows Bethesda is listening as people hated that). But that Starfield still has a vastly larger amount of dialogue.

  27. In b4 we get another "Beyond Skyrim" mod team, that tries to add previous Bethesda worlds like Fallout/Elder Scrolls world into Starfield 😀 Imaging landing in the outskirts of the capital city in Tamriel lol.

    Not gonna lie, that would be legit… Or Morrowind..

  28. Haters already rubbing their hands together to review bomb.

  29. I just hope the dialogue choices can take the conversation in legit different directions, instead of the flavored response system of Fo4.

  30. What books did they say they taking from?

  31. Hopefully Starfield didn't take inspiration from fallout 76's 16 times the details

  32. The negativity online is a bit baffling to me, but I know it's because of the company's track record over the last few years. However, everything I've seen / heard about Starfield makes me incredibly excited. I'm trying as best I can to contain the hype but I've been craving a Bethesda single player game since 2015, and I'm so ready for it.

  33. They've made HUGE improvements with the dialog system compared to FO4 but I'm still worried about the gunplay we saw with the showcase from a few months ago. I hope they improve it with this delay.

  34. Screw console exclusivity. I was so looking forward to playing this and then they got purchased by Microsoft. I feel like the rug got pulled from under me

  35. People never learn.. is not the first time Tod lie us in the face.. This is Bethesda..

  36. Not gonna buy it , they updated skyrim with no notice , over 1500 mods unplayable , ill never buy anything Bethesda makes ever again .

  37. I'm hyped for this game. I actually liked the first game play trailer despite some of the ropey build. I do hope ifs not a no man's sky and is heavy on resource gathering for everything, please no. Definitely into the gunplay and dog fights that were shown and from what was shown the world's look interesting

  38. Nope the way gaming has been going. It's guna be dog poo for as long as no man's sky was. Prove me wrong Todd. Cause I have experienced it with every game lately. But I do hope one day maybe a year it will be playable like no man's sky. It's actually fun. I put 70hrs into no man's sky until it became bit too repetitive for me. But I still recommend it now. Cyberpunk has been fun and it took this long.

  39. I will bet Anyone $1000 Starfield will release broken or at least with some major issue that will make it feel incomplete!!!

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