This new TACTICAL Looter Shooter game is like Escape from Tarkov in SPACE… (Marauders)

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  1. Honestly dropped vr and everything for this game been waiting so long love it

  2. WAIT. It says it was recorded live on, why i cannot see this stream there? All i see is the recent Rust streams. Something is fishy

  3. They forgot that theres no air in space which means sounds can't travel, still you can hear those ships shooting from miles away

  4. I was really hoping you'd play this, remember seeing it when it was first announced and immediately thinking "I'll wait for Welyn to play it so I can see if it's any good", dreams do come true sometimes I guess

  5. The 15-20 minutes on stream of the fuck you was the best

  6. This looks really cool, but i dislike how games sacrifice space movement for gameplay. I wish something other than KSP or other space sims would be somewhat accurate. Just a pet peeve

    Edit: i feel like it's hard to create an FPS where there is no sound in certain parts of it, but yeah hearing gunshots in space is not possible.

  7. can we talk bout the Central Empire voice which is presented by kind words "Pierdol się"

  8. This is coming to gamepass pc, i hope it will coming to console too

  9. i hope this game one day allows offline play too, since it has AI too. I worry if it doesnt do well, that itll be another game just unplayable in your steam inventory.

  10. this game is like Tarkov meets World War II meets space

  11. love seeing you play this def would like to see another vid

  12. I actually really enjoyed this video would love to see you play again

  13. Central Empire "pierdol się" hahah I love this game 😀

  14. You need to do this again with a team….

  15. The guns look like ww1 and ww2 guns like what!

  16. I like how they clearly payed all the tarkov youtubers to promote this game at the same time. Kind of dumb how I found this in the "tarkov" section but maybe that is just YouTube fault.

  17. Only thing i'm afraid of when the game releases, is the amount of players on at the same time, if servers/maps are overcrowded, it's going to be one huge moshpit.

  18. I feel bad because I just realized I was one of the ones shooting you with flak lol

  19. Oooh sh*t… this looks f*cking coooll

  20. I'm kinda curious if there's way to create a crew together like Sea of Thieves. I'm hope the devs continue updating this game cause it seems to have a lot of potential.

  21. i really like the look of this…all except how you can hear the ships shootin each other…wtf?… come on….← ↑ Comment for algorithm + 👍 'd

    #OldManPaxus Rating: ☆☆☆ ½

  22. Great content welyn, id love to see more on this game!

  23. i dont get why people call its space tarkov, its just a hardcore loot shooter. Like none of tarkovs actual features are in this game. No scav. no mag management, no skills, no hideout and so on.

    Also i feel like the ship part of the game is so useless and the moment one crew got a mate more they got such an insane edge on you

  24. Looks like a game with some great potential, one to watch!

  25. This was pretty cool, would be interested to see at least one more foray into it

  26. I just had a dream of this game, and playing it, and now I kinda wanna play it

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