This Is Why You Should Play Starship Troopers…

Is Starship Troopers…. any good? Join me and @Fisk as we go on our first mission against the brutal Arachnid force!

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Starship Troopers: Extermination is a 16 player co-op FPS that puts you on the far-off front lines of an all-out battle against the Bugs! Squad up, grab your rifle, and do your part as an elite Deep Space Vanguard Trooper set to take back planets claimed by the Arachnid threat!


  1. People who think Starship Troopers was a bad movie completely miss the satirical point of the film and how self-aware it was about the themes propounded by the source material.

  2. Its painful how he refils his ammo without reloading his mag so he immediately lose like 50 reserves.

  3. It needs to have creatures piling up dead bodies until they can walk over the walls, seeing stuck Ai just doesn't give me the excitement like original L4D, for example. I hope they do improve how AI behaves 🙂

  4. Starship Troopers is only bad if you take it at face value.

  5. Bro……….where has this been all my life?

  6. It's sad when the cheesy movie gets recommended over the excellent book.

  7. Starship Troopers is a Sci fi classic directed by a cinematic genius. Despite being misunderstood in its time (which also happened to Blade Runner and The Thing) it's gained in stature over the last 30 years. Whit ye talking aboot?

  8. Nope completely disagree with what you said the 2nd and 3rd ones are awful but the 1st one is a master peace

  9. This would be so much cooler if a player was a brain bug controlling all of the bugs RTS style against the human team.

  10. …games gonna have a cash shop… Which is gonna be a colossal pain.

  11. The sequels were bad. The first one, although cheesy at times, was genuinely good. Some of the main characters even had decent character development.

  12. Guilty pleasure? That implies the movie is bad when it isn't!

  13. No fucking way😂 Starship Troopers is my damn childhood lmaoo. First saw that shit in middle school. Also probably the first pair of tits I've seen🤣🤣

  14. You guys are now allowed to vote. BZ Citizen. 🙂

  15. Man I remember watching this movie in the theater when it came out and loved it, I laughed my ass off when the scene with the dude's dog was dead and he said with a porky pig lookin' face " The only good bug is a dead bug!! ". The 1st ST movie will always be the best, the others after really sucked ass….WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE!?

  16. The fact you said the movie is BAD makes me hate you….. huge dislike for me on this vid…….

  17. Lololololol as someone who grew up with this movie, I have to play this 😂

  18. The movie was only loosely based on the book, in the book the Federation wasn't the ludicrous fascist state as depicted by the movie, the bugs started the war by destroying Buenos Aries and the Federation had no choice but to mobilize for war against them. Also in the book the troopers dropped from space in drop pods instead of drop ships so they were smaller target profiles for the bug plasma barrages. Would like to see some of that heavy power armor with tactical nuclear warheads in this.

  19. Imagine a mode where you can play the bugs

  20. I wish they wouldve rolled out a console release for this game.

  21. I really enjoyed that! think youll do another video of it?

  22. After watching this I need me a starship trooper fix 😂

  23. I loved the movie 😄 to be able to play a game based on the movie AWESOME !!! 🥹

  24. I dont like the movie i dont like this game. –The original troopers from the novel fought differently, they had Mandalorian jetpacks.

  25. starship troopers is so good its great. not a guilty pleasure at all

  26. Game looks like a ripoff. Negative reviews seem on point. This is a free to play game, maybe 5 bucks. Now way this is a $25 game.

  27. Starship trooper is literally trying to open our eyes to war. Even against "bugs" but crazy good movie. Kind of cheesy but its an old movie.

  28. The movie is bad? You're the only person I've heard say that.

  29. Omg I never knew there was a starship trooper game! This looks amazing! … would be great if the bodies piled up when they died! Like the movies! Oooof!

  30. I loved the first movie as a child honestly was amazing before they fast and the furious that shit

  31. Just bought the game because of this video. Really liking it ! Can recommend ^^

  32. Aim down the sight to reduce recoil. Also crouching significantly reduces the kickback too.

  33. movie is not bad ,it is not so bad its good ,it is really good movie if your IQ is higher than your teeth count ; outside of bug shooting there is a dark satire of society and what it does to and with young adults .

  34. starship troopers was so good that it was great. What are you talking about you woke muppet! "so bad it was good"…. what are you on? Well you sound like you are from the UK so not a big surprise you feel you have to fall in line with the woke, ESG contract message and all. I bet you think we all need to be carbon-neutral as well!

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