This is basically Theme Hospital… in SPACE! | Galacticare

“Space-Doctor required in GP’s Office.”
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► About The Game…
You are the Director of Galacticare; manage your own interstellar healthcare company and (try to) save the Galaxy – just make sure to get paid first!

• Design, furnish, and upgrade your hospital.
• Hire doctors with distinct traits and backgrounds.
• Keep everyone relatively content by satisfying their various needs.
• Build and improve experimental treatment facilities.
• Meet and recruit a variety of unique Consultants (DJs, monks, you name it!)
• Explore their mechanics, levelling choices, and personalities.
• Consultants stay and grow throughout the campaign, unlocking new skills and playstyle options as you progress.
• Discover, research, and cure alien conditions.
• Treat patients of all shapes and sizes: from puppy-sized lemurs to entire planets.
• Provide healthcare for musical festivals, deep-space prisons, communal space farms, and industrial disasters; or go wild in sandbox mode.
• Develop your relationship with each species, earning rewards from their respective cultures.
• Use holographic doctors, short-range teleporters and subspace portals to micromanage your hospital’s performance.
• Upgrade rooms, read the thoughts of everyone aboard your station and purchase equipment from a colossal wandering trader.
Raise your Hospital Rating – the only goal that truly matters.

Galacticare takes you on a colourful and bizarre journey – from humble beginnings orbiting 23rd-century Earth, to the internal world of an extra-dimensional deity.

It’s time to save the galaxy – one patient at a time!

Galacticare is brought to you by Brightrock Games, the team behind War for the Overworld. We’re an independent and passionate team of developers making the games we’ve always wanted to play. Inspired by the classics of the golden age of management games, and hungry to push that genre’s character and complexity forward, we hope Galacticare will appeal to the players who care about these games as much as we do.
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  1. barely into the video and i already love that the skin lab has actual skin cell diagrams as the floor pattern

  2. "Two of them might not make it three of them might"Well bro considering those two are now a viscous goopy puddle being sucked up the hoover by the MediBot, and admittedly I'm not a medical expert, especially in future medical technologies, but I'm thinking they're not going to make the shuttle home 😂💀

  3. I played it in the early access. The missions were suuuper buggy. I wonder if it got better.

  4. Just started watching (about 17 mins in) & I'm LOVING it! The humor & names of things are absolutely hilarious! So many jokes just writing themselves! "That sounds horrific! I love it!" – needs to be the slogan for this series!

  5. One of my favorite voice actors, Mara Junot, is voicing Kora so I have to get this!

    I immediately recognized that voice 😂. This looks so fun!

  6. When is the next airport CEO video 😭, I was so sad when there wasn’t one yesterday

  7. Excited to see this. Btw do you think Stonehearth could make a return?

  8. It is already looks interesting and fun, can’t wait to see more of this

  9. "We need a boning chamber" …. 1 bedroom coming up….

  10. Joined membership. Have been watching your videos from a long time now, you play the same types of games I LOVE.

  11. I like this series more than airport ceo lol they’re both good

  12. This is a game that is so right for you and us watching!
    Please do more!

  13. What was the name of the other hospital games?

  14. For God's Sake conflict, don't forget to upgrade and lock your doctors to rooms. Will help with speeding up treatment.

  15. I thought this game would be fun to watch with the 1950s surf rock and traditional gender roles joke, but then when I saw "Boning Chamber" I knew this was one to watch.

  16. I really like the sci-fi space theme of this game as opposed to a game like project hospital.

  17. Got this game from the pc game pass knowing nothing of it except from what was on the summary in the store page. 2 and a half hours in and I love it, great game. Recommend it to anyone thinking about it

  18. This looks great! I actually laughed out loud at some of the jokes and names 😂. Please consider making it a series I can't wait to see more!

  19. Baz is the voice of pepper pigs dad. Just when I thought I’d gotten away from that programme 😅

  20. This looks good.

    Does this game have fire extinguishers? Wouldn't want the rooms to catch on fire.

  21. Someone please tell me who voices Heal it's bugging me so much that I recognise it

  22. Hey Dylan, love your videos. I really want to see you play Project Hospital if possible, it's a really cool game.

  23. Very fun to watch. Also can confirm, conflictnerd cuses like a sailor on twitch.

  24. More please i like it and the commentry from the ai and comupters it brings a smile to my face

  25. id recommend getting 2 more doctors and put your initial doctors in the training room so you have doctors training and others takingover for them

  26. The 'bugger me!' caught me a bit off guard 😆

  27. The twitch integration for names sounds like it would be funny but I did notice you can rename the medibots yourself as well.

  28. Most of your doctors have upgrades available

  29. The perfluorochemicals refers to a substance called perfluorocarbon, which is basically breathable water.

  30. I like it. I still prefer two point hospital, but since two point left game pass, this is doing the job.

  31. Dante de Glanville (the narrator) does an almost perfect Matt Berry. 😀

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