This is a MASSIVE Month for Space Games: Major Happenings!

It’s a massive month for Space Games with Everspace 2, X4 Kingdom End and No Man’s Sky Interceptor all releasing within days of each other. Additionally, KSP2 released only recently and Elite is getting Update 15 next month. These appear to be the biggest weeks in space gaming for ages!

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Epidemic Sound

Everspace 2

X4 Kingdom End

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00:00 Introduction
00:17 Everspace 2
03:41 X4 Kingdom End
06:25 No Man’s Sky Interceptor
08:49 Conclusion


  1. It's such a weird feeling finally seeing a face after you've had a "phantom face" for that voice for so many years

  2. Holy shit I regret sleeping on X4, that looks incredible!

  3. 😂What? I thought you where black😅 IDK😂😅

  4. It's nice to see you on camera…i've been going to sleep with your voice for years…sorry, not tryin' to be weird – but it's true.

  5. Why is noone talking about SpaceBourne 2. its literaly Freelancer we allways wanted since 2003

  6. great video as always, and awesome to have a face to go with that iconic voice!

  7. I am absolutely loving Everspace 2. Quite possibly the most polished space game to ever release…so much fun.

  8. Call me when it supports VR. I am ruined for 2D space games.

  9. Pining over Starfield, but this video makes me want to look at ES2 as a distraction while I wait for Bethesda to release what I hope will be an epic title.

  10. lol sneaky face reveal. Good stuff as always keep it up.

  11. Everspace 2 is amazing. You should also checkout SpaceBourne 2 which is also a really great early access game.

  12. I'm loving the 6.0 update and the Kingdom's End/Boron addition to X4!

    And really great to be able to out a face to the voice I've been hearing for so long! Please don't stop releasing content, Ant. You make this old gamer happy and I respect your opinions on games.

  13. Pity about Elite: Dangerous, they are dying breed as Odyssey has been shelved from consoles, I was hoping to land on the planet and walk around but sadly, I had to give up Elite: Dangerous entirely as I switched to No Man's Sky which is much better.

    At least No Man's Sky is getting even more content at 2023, according to developers! Which is great news for us players because No Man's Sky has been here like few years at least so I was pleasantly surprised that it will keep getting more stuff.

    Honestly, I just want them to make them proper asteroid fields with multiple planetoids or big asteroids where I can land and explore in, it would be awesome.

    It would be even cooler if they can make us ability to fly in gas giants atmosphere and use them as mining gaseous resources like Elite: Dangerous did, I thought why not, it would be good idea as gas giants does provide large amount of resources like hydrogen, helium, ammonia, nitrogen, etc as gaseous type materials to gather.

  14. I cant wait for Starfield, great video btw

  15. Lots of people saying nice to put a face to a name. I totally agree will only make your profile on the tube bigger and better.😊

  16. OMFG watching your videos for years m8 and I finally get to see the face behind the voice! Love your content! I wish you all the best M8!!!

  17. No Multiplayer? Not interested.. potencial wasted.

  18. I'm currently digging X4. Basically a mix between Eve Online, Star citizen and Freelancer. An amazing sandbox!

  19. duuuuude u definitly dont look like your voice sounds haha and 40 years younger

  20. Well I'll be damned, the man behind the voice is just as distinguished looking. 🙂

  21. Honestly I like Cosmoteer and think these simple graphics games have a lot room to grow to deliver fun space ship and space crew and multiplayer shared persistent world shenanigans in.

    Interesting content as always, however.

  22. Oh dang, your actually a quite handsome fellow! Great vid

  23. I'm the guy commenting about eve-online in the comment section..

  24. if no man’s sky just got a proper multiplayer update with true co ownership of bases and the like it’d be perfect.

  25. Everspace 2 is looking pretty neat.

    I am still missing space games where u can build big and middle class spaceships, the bigger the slower, more health, some more dmg. Landing, building my character and base how i love it.

    I dont mean they should have superextrem details, eather its adventure like with story or it is more like big space sandbox, but with more rpg elements, stuff to explore, simple but still deep.

    Space needs also to have stuff like in the movies, fog where u can hide, radars, etc. there is a lot aaaalooot still open for these games.

  26. Never thought Id see the day where I get to see the ObsidianAnt in the flesh

  27. Hello OA thanks for all the great gaming videos 🙂

  28. I love the new X4 expansion honestly. The Boron are such a pleasant race.

  29. My playing time shrinks. So Elite is the only game I will play in a couple of months. X4, No Man's Sky, Everspace 2, Homeworld 3, Falling Frontier, and many more are tempting, but they must wait.

  30. Your voice does not match your face… at all. good to see you!

  31. If only Everspace crossed with Nebulous Fleet Command was out there. In a procedurally generated Galaxy a la SpaceEngine. On an Eve like server you can run at home like a Minecraft one with friends. With the research tree from Endless Space.

  32. I am so blown away by Everspace…absolutely fact. Best space shooter I've ever comes across..hands down. That being said, Everspace 2 is on the very top of my list(once I acquire a PS5.) As for No Man's Sky..well…I bought it at the behest of a friend and made a valiant effort to like…only to have grown to abhor it(for it's insufferable grind & cheesy graphics.) In my view…a space game should have a certain charm with great artwork that prompts me to explore further. NMS has no story, no voice acting and the recent "improvements"…have not impressed me. NMS was a tragic waste of $30 and has since been gratefully forgotten.

  33. X4 is an Empire building game ONLY and is basically terrible at solo ship flying. The only thing you can really do as a pilot is shoot things, but not mine or trade as it's been designed to have NPC's do all those tasks.

  34. It's a big year for space games, what one are you looking forward to the most?

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