These games are getting too realistic #space #nasa #earth



  1. As an Indian, I can confirm that I felt the effect of that explosion.

  2. Luckily I’m on the side of Australia that didn’t get hit😎

  3. Agreed solar smash is getting to realistic💀

  4. Bro everybody who records this game just suicides themselves🤣🤣

  5. As a Indian I can confirm that the whole Thailand and Singapore are now in front of my bedroom window

  6. Ain't no way this boy made a meme🤦🤦(💀💀💀💀)(no offence)

  7. Never let Kim Jon un know this game💀💀💀

  8. As a sudanese i can confirm that the explosion was so loud i could hear it

  9. Ye right and there is an weapon can blow whole world

  10. OMG You freak me out thank God you're still alive😂

  11. Ok but he js revealed exactly where he lived 💀

  12. 911 what's your emergency
    There is a game that's so realistic that in real life

  13. This is not what I expected from Kobi, he has a whole different humor lol

  14. When you accidentally log into Putin's nuclear launch system

  15. Nah this is the first time I laughed at this channel

  16. As a Australian i can comfirm that im in exo planet☠️☠️💀💀💀⚰️

  17. I think we need bigger planets than Earth itself to solve overpopulation 😅

  18. I'm surprised I've never seen astrokobi do a funny vid before!😂

  19. As my mom living in Australia I can confirm I haven’t seen her since 💀

  20. Hay you played that game i did to and im in the same country what state

  21. You can even do that with other planets or moons

  22. I did that in my country it did it work. It’s fake smoke fire fake

  23. As an Australian I can confirm I’m in the afterlife

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