The Worst Astronauts Ever are Back

Seriously, who let us be astronauts?
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  1. i love when smii7y and kryoz said it's spacin time, and they spaced all over space

  2. Please make a video on sons of the forest it will be so funny with friends Ofc

  3. well its fuckkkkkkkkkkking easy when u commit your life to it

  4. We love seeing the bros, be space bros, like bros,

  5. Literally one of my favorite games to watch you play. The stress is so relaxing…

  6. PLEASE MAKE MORE OF THESE. I haven’t laughed this hard all week

  7. If you move your arms like you’re swimming, you’ll move faster

  8. Smity for the love of god PLEASE be the white astronaut I keep forgetting bcz you're usually the white colored character and get confused on whos doing what

  9. Dumb and Dumber go to space. Love this series

  10. I tried to walk with a foot that was asleep once. Broke my fecking ankle. Good times.

  11. Comenting and sharing cuz this stuff deserves a boost

  12. this is the funniest shit ever I love this series i wish you did one long video doing the whole game

  13. I've never seen many likes on a Smii7y comment on one of his own videos.

    Rip editor's career bro

  14. I love your videos smii7y you make me happy every day, keep up the work you have done

  15. Would love to see Smii7y and therussianbadger play the most bugged game. They have similar styles in comedy and love buggy games

  16. Fun fact: its free on ps extra and i tried playing it
    They make moving look 3x easier than it is

    For reference you can contract andxexpand both legs at the same time to move when not near a wall, but only if you are either dead still or facing the direction your already going, if not youll spin

  17. Hey smii7y you should try “sud rosa” I think you and your friends would have a lot of fun on it. Please try it out if you don’t mind it’s on the steam workshop.

  18. cknckncinfn I wheezed so much oh my god my asthma

  19. U can move by putting your arms up and then swing them down and that's how you move

  20. What I learned was never trust kryoz or smii7y in a dangerous situation

  21. it was only one mistake, no need to make fire the editor over that one thing, but besides that this was funny

  22. I love this series, hardest I’ve laughed in a really long time 13/10

  23. Hey SMii7y I want to let you know ur doin great when i feel down ur vids always cheer me up

  24. This is literally the hardest I've laughed in a while, I love when you two play this game

  25. More of this content this is amazing I laughed so much

  26. The fact SMii7Y wasn't white upset me more than it should

  27. please smi7y make a video about
    southpark the fractional but whole🥺

  28. Hey Smii7y, since you guys have had a ton of fun with games like Stranded Deep and the Forest games, I wonder if you guys would want to give The Long Dark a try. The base game is only singleplayer, but there's a mod to make it multiplayer so y'all can play together.

  29. Hey just wanted to say i think people would like (myself included) you to do like a full lets play on a game. Just an idea. Personnaly id suggest borderlands 3 but that's just me. That being said its your channel and you should do wtv the hell you want. Keep up the good work brother!

  30. Just so you guys know for the future the assisted controls make it a lot easier to move around. It has it so wherever your arms are pointing is where you move. So if both are forwards you move forwards even without momentum from pushing off objects

  31. Actually, SMii7y, a hypotenuse is what mathematicians use to hang themselves after their loved ones leave them.

  32. I am sitting alone in a corner in a Chinese restaurant eating lunch. Smiling and laughing silently at my phone every 30 seconds and I look insane😂

  33. This would have been so much funnier if you never specified who was who, but still W vid

  34. I needed a good laugh like this video gave

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