The Worst Astronauts Ever are Back

Seriously, who let us be astronauts?
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  1. Excited for the next episode, even if it’ll take a month for them to not die in an asteroid field


  3. less than a minute in and theres already a technical difficulties screen. thats how you know its gonna be a good one

  4. I played through all the game with my cozen and the thrid mission is hard

  5. I could not even imagine if this game was 3 to 4 players


  7. This game is so nice to watch
    No need for a ton of editing, no over focus on making jokes, just raw good times trying to maneuver a hard to control game. Makes for a very funny experience for both sides

  8. Smii7y talking like kryoz isn't already our bro 4 |ife

  9. im an astronaught and john saying this games is such a normal walking person thing for him to say

  10. not hypotenuse: the longest side of a right triangle, opposite the right angle. its Hypothesis:a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation

  11. Great sharing 👍🌹🌺🌾🤲🏻😍

  12. I tried to disassemble the solar panel for 1 hour since i thought that was why crowbar was there.

  13. Smi7y and Kryoz is playing this game is like a gay couple trying to built a damn couch. 10/10 would love to see more

  14. I cannot freaking wait for the next video, their going to struggle sooooo much AND I'll LOVE IT!!! LOL (I've done it and it's fun but it sucks!)

  15. Great video great contents 👍🌾🔔🌺🌹😍🤲🏻

  16. no dont fire him
    also you should do more vids with swagger

  17. I’m just stuck on the fact Smii7y said he’s more of a top. Got my mind all curious. 👀

  18. If you want to move you have to move your legs fast one by one like up down up down

  19. Love the vide keep up with the good work 💙🔥 bro this is funny 🤣☠️

  20. As an astronaut im embarrased y'all are strugglin at the *EASIEST PART OF THE JOB BRUH. get real just wait until the oxygen disconnects and you are on the opposite side of the base outside noob. lol lmao your strugglin to move? fucken CRINGE-

    worth the bit

  21. when i played this i just didnt struggle with controls idk how but it was easy, so seeing you be an absolute pepega it just drives me insane like you kicked your feet at one part to move and then another your struggling when you could just kick your feet its like watching a child play with legos and put them in in his mouth instead of together

  22. I love watching you guys play this game SO much! XD MOAR PLEASE!

  23. Homer Simpson had an easier time as an astronaut

  24. Just putting this out there: If War Thunder, or Gaijin sponsor you again, make Matt, Puffer and Nelly Bean play as well, see how well it goes, please!

  25. Tik tok brought me here because of a clip from the first video and my god I've never met a youtuber that has made me laugh so much than this 😂 new subscribers from me keep up the hilarious videos

  26. My editor forgot to add the outro screen to this video. Should I fire him? Let me know by leaving a like on this comment.

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