The Space Marine That Tried To K!LL SLAANESH! – The Silver Knight EXPLAINED

Deadlifts For The Dark Gods
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  1. Kaldor Draigo would just use Slaneesh for reasons and then leave.


  3. i expected him to say the dude crushed the kid without hesitation.

  4. To be fair, Caldor Drago is too autistic to hesitate with a blow because his target pretends to be human youth. It most certainly wasn't him.

  5. Draigo? Hahahahahahahahaha…no…not in a thousand millenia.

  6. How can it be Kaldor Draigo when he literally pops out of the warp every now and then to wreck Daemon booty? Yeah sure the Silver Knight could be a fallen Grey Knight but no where does the lore actually say it is so. The lore does state whereabouts of Draigo however. Please Deadlifts For The Dark Gods, I'm loving your channel so far don't ruin it with baseless rumors.

  7. suggests that Kaldor Draigo submitted to Slaanesh
    That's some top tier heresy right there.

  8. Chaos propaganda. I’m calling the Ordo Hereticus on this channel.

  9. Imagine he would have succeeded, then walked up to an eldar and go "Yup ah killed Slaanesh last week ah did, he was ah bit annoying so I had no choice ah recon, now I got a small question for you Eldar, whatsa mon'kaï?"

  10. A Grey Knight? It’s possible.
    Kaldor Draigo? The Grey Knight??
    It’s very fucking impossible.

  11. I hope we get a mini for the silver knight

  12. Okay BULLLLLSHIT. No way that's going to be Kaldor. Horny is no match for insanity.

  13. Drago would NOT have hesitated to end the chaos scum

  14. I've never heard this are u sure it's not fandom?

  15. HAAAA! If this is true then the Brothers of the Black Templars are STILL the only legion to have no one fall to the dark powers.

  16. Its not Draigo but its most definitely.a Grey Knight

  17. Custode, only ones to never fall baby.

  18. As they say, stare into the abyss and the abyss stares back.

  19. Sounds like BS to me. If you got that far you’d just kill every thing in yr way

  20. It wasn’t a grey knight it was a silver marine who used no psyker powers. Being incorruptible is kinda their selling point.

  21. Great song! And it turns out
    I love grey knights

  22. Honestly I’ve heard a lot of theories about this but I still doubt it’s a grey knight. Despite the video’s usage of a grey knight as reference, his equipment doesn’t match that of a grey knight and he doesn’t use any psychic powers. Which automatically rules out a grey knight 🤷🏼‍♂️

  23. Imagine if Big-E hleped him at that moment like he did for Big-G and killed Saalansh ?

  24. so the slanussy is irresistible even to grey knights

  25. In my head canon the silver knight was simply a crusader, i like the idea of a simple man crossing all hells to slay god.

  26. The Grey Knights may be "incorruptible" but a mere mortal, even one such as a Grey Knight, cannot stand before a literal chaos god and resist their physical touch.

  27. Link source for this or is it just tumblr fan fiction?

  28. Damn. I would like to see that as a model, my goodness. How powerful is this guy ????

  29. If this man is kaldor draigo then all is fucked

  30. this is the most blasphemous info ive known but slaanesh though .-.

  31. Damn, I feel like a Grey Knight has enough experience killing children that it should have made it easier, not stopped him.

  32. its not drago. drago wonders the immaterium fighting the deamons. the new warhammer game shows what hes doing

  33. No grey knight has ever fallen to chaos, so its not a grey knight.

  34. Daammnn, even falling for thirsty bitches is cranked past 10,000 in the 40K universe.

  35. Did they allow the Squats to be a playable race?

  36. Weak. Hersey. Kill him! In the Emperors name.

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