The Space Marine That Tried To K!LL SLAANESH! – The Silver Knight EXPLAINED

Deadlifts For The Dark Gods
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  1. Weak. Hersey. Kill him! In the Emperors name.

  2. That was most selfish act ever in 40k (at least for me), he forgot he is god but to his not castrated. Is not realy posible to by Caldor Draigo since the shard of Magnus from him make him comparabile with the Emperor and the thing is to not lose your mind against a chaos god and Fabius Bille is the only mortal who has seen Slaanesh without to lose his mind but i don't heared anywhere that Caldor Draigo has ever seen a chaos god in his true form, but maybe im out dated.

  3. Are you telling me Gameworks actually canonized this plot development? I remember hearing it years ago

  4. this is what happen when a space marine isn't neuter properly

  5. kaldor will one shot any chaos god..
    slaanesh did not even eaten a tangerine 🍊🍊🍊

  6. An otherwise pure soul is corrupted not because of his failings. But because of his inherent goodness and Heroism.

    That is some premium grimdark bro.

  7. There is no Order without Chaos, There is no Chaos without order…

  8. Would've been cool if he made it to Slaanesh, then just broke his sword over her/his/its face like a 2 by four. Then Slaanesh, enraged at a mere mortal defying them, just tried to nuke them with warp power.

  9. "One does not simply walk, into the realm of the dark Prince"

  10. Common misconception. That’s actually daldor craigo.

  11. Notice all the LGBT people talking about some gay shit but every normal person is talking about his hesitation to kill a child.

  12. Loli Slanesh can't be resisted, and now it's proven.

  13. Damn I was hoping he got like banished from the realm cause he went through trying to kill everything and almost reached slannesh but for him to fall under slannesh command is kinda disappointing

  14. When I heard silver knight I got dark souls ptsd and when I looked at the screen I was very confused

  15. Send a banana boy would've gotta the job done.

  16. In my headcanon, Slaanesh showed him that the mortal races are the real forces of evil and must be cleansed from the galaxy for it to become a place of peace again.

  17. This story proves that the pride and loyalty of the emperium will never beat slanesh

    I believe they need those who have no thought. And will once again raise the iron men who nearly wiped them out

  18. He went from Doom slayer to SIMP for a pair of tits he's never gonna touch

  19. The plot willed it, for Chaos makes GW money, we all know a Grey knight wouldn't hesitate to body a child lol

  20. Pure heresy…
    No Grey Knight has EVER fallen to Chaos,especially to a base creature such as Slaanesh.
    ++Transmission from Ordo Malleus++
    ++FWD:FWD:Ordo Hereticus+++

  21. I just see him Chad walking through all 6 circles until he sees the bazoongas and buttocks of Slaneesh and said "damn, now I see why"

  22. Imagine if the knight brought his sororitas blood soaked buddies along with the legendary Sun eater. Slaneesh would be no more

  23. Why the hell would he hesitate because she took a young form finish your job you quiter.

  24. If this truly was a Grey Knight, then this implies that only the Dark Gods themselves can corrupt the Grey Knights. No other effigy of them or daemon can, it requires the borderline physical manifestation of the Gods themselves for it to work.

    THAT is fascinating.

  25. "Hello I'm a Warhammer 40,000 writer, I don't understand how to write a story and I don't understand what words mean. I know that subverting ecpectation is the silver bullet to get me out of scrutiny and criticism. Plus I can't possibly imagine the concept of purity."

  26. He attacked on November. But got to Slaanesh on December 1st.

  27. Couldn't be a Grey Knight as its fairly normal to execute friendly civilian and guard populations because they might be tainted and know of the Grey Knights existence. I highly doubt one would hesitate to kill a youth who has seen him and is in the warp.

  28. That's what happens when your sole motivation is "reach slaanesh". When you arrive, you get your prize.

  29. Even in canon, Draigo is still around, appearing from time to time to save the day.

  30. No way it was Kaldor. He is the fireman whom shall extinguish the flames of passion.

  31. Is this fanfic or do you have a source from the codexes and books? (Not a criticism, it is a cool idea either way, just curious).

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