The Space Marine That Tried To K!LL SLAANESH! – The Silver Knight EXPLAINED

Deadlifts For The Dark Gods
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  1. The silver knight sorta looks like space marine sigvald.

  2. I will not stand this Draigo slander. No way will he ever be corrupted.

  3. Never underestimate the power of a thot Brothers. They're not invincible, just trust in the (God) emperor.

  4. Can we just take a min and say welp our hormones would be crazy if we saw what he turned into we are down bad

  5. Grey knights never faulter it is Canon none have been corrupted so no nice try thoo

  6. Heresy, Kaldor Draigo would never submit to such hideous disgusting foul warp spawn

  7. I think they are still incorruptible. It is a ploy to drop Slannesh’s guard

  8. Keldor? Who faught his way into khornes throne room and out? Who burned nurgles garden before ringing the bell and ditching? Who walked into tzeentchs labrynth and walked out but couldnt solve the maze? Nah bro its not drago. Hes still jumping in and out of 40k and fantasy stories as a good guy

  9. if it's Kaldor Draigo I'm sure it's all for warpdust shenanigans

  10. Now I get that interaction between Caldor Drago and that dancing dameonette in Text to Speech…

  11. if you play Chaos gate, you know that Draigo Is still pure and vigilant ( and from what i know the game is considered Canon)

  12. If Doom Slayer didn't have an incorruptible soul:

  13. It's funny because he failed to a femboy same as me

  14. That goes completely against the lore and their ability to resist corruption. They are literally immune to it, this story is fuckin stupid. Doesn’t create drama or adds any kind of depth like “oh even the strongest are corrupt able.” If that was the case then why didn’t Horus immediately be purged of his corruption when in front of golden dad. You can’t have gravity and turn it off for one person just to make your story fit.

  15. Aren't Grey Knights being totally incorruptible to Chaos like the entire point they base/based Grey Knight's Lore off?

  16. This is Heresy, I'm reporting you to the Inquisition.

  17. Don't you talk about my boy like that, kaldor is a real G

  18. Another reason why chaos is cooler

  19. He's not a Grey knight. Dude, if you knew your lore you'd know that no Grey knight has ever fallen to chaos.

  20. Power of horniness surely weakened man that is thirsty. Note: He likes loli.

  21. If it was kaldor slaneesh would have taken over the other realms by now

  22. Long story short: Bro lost his Chad aura and became demon femboy knight

  23. I call bull on Caldor being the Silver Knight if only because he has appeared in lore in the current setting.

  24. Why follow the choas God of lust, when you could…


  25. I bet he he turned on purpose to find that missing eldar blade rumored to be in slanesh’s palace.

  26. What about a blank that has been trained as a grey knight?

  27. I say this is a classic misinformation campaign.

  28. Did you do any research at all before making this dumb short?

  29. Given the recent game we had with Kaldor Draigo in it, I doubt it.

  30. Imperium should have sent one of the Adeptus Custodes, I guess.

  31. Where do you find this lore I have tried looking up a couple of your topics but can't find them on the warhammer wiki

  32. Kaldor draigo got possessed by slaneesh? I think it's more likely that slaneesh got possessed by kaldor draigo



  34. Kaldor drago wouldn't have even hesitated to cleave slaanesh in half.

  35. Incel space marines just can't resist the promise of eternal waifu

  36. Don't worry brother, even if you have fallen from your grace we shall honor your memory by trying to do the same, but before that we'll train by slaughtering infants so we're prepared

  37. Heresy! No Grey Knight has fallen to Chaos.

  38. Slaanesh: "You come to end me? WITH WHAT ARMY?"
    Doom Guy Walks From The Back

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