The James Cameron’s AVATAR game is SURPRISINGLY good

Check out the new Deep Space 9 quest line in Star Trek Fleet Command: Thank you to Star Trek: Fleet Command for Sponsoring this video!

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  1. Wasn't this also an app I rmeber playing this on my old Kendall

  2. I love how they have Campbell from mgs in the game

    Hittler: good fucking luck mate

  4. i had this game and it was so much fun

  5. HAHAHAHAH see at space 9 times and think “that’s deep” HAHAHAHAH

  6. You gotta love a game that lets you be the villain and win.

  7. I've played the game back on the ps3 and it was bullshit in some missions and awsome in others

  8. I'm glad you included the facial reference to the Brink characters. Most have forgotten Brink but it will always be remembered.

  9. Grew up on this game, but why the hell ain't it on later gen Xbox?

  10. finally, it’s getting recognised. I love this game i’m just so mad it’s not on newer consoles. It’s a highly underrated game😢

  11. This is the first video i have seen from you recommended by Youtube! like 20 seconds in i subscribed i love it!

  12. the best movie to game will always be the warriors

  13. You can't commit war crimes if you are on a another planet.
    Play as human and put on vietnam war track music vol.2 and just blast it

  14. I actually fucking loved this game. Was my first pc title 😂

  15. AINT NO WAY, i remember playing that so loooong ago when i was younger. Was so cool, I always rememberd it but wish I had stil had it, cool to seee someone else playin this masterpiece

  16. Was hoping to give it a shot, but it seems it didn't make the jump to Xbox One/Series XS.

    Shame. Looks like a fun game.

  17. I really woulnd sacryfice my entire race just for alien cochy.

  18. I didn't finish the game because you can change the outfit and I thought that plain cargo shirt would be better than naked Navi outfit so I change it and can't get through 30:40 level, turn out the cargo shirrt has less armor than the naked Navi one.

  19. This game reminds of Mercenary playgrounds of destruction, man i wish ubisoft make good games like this nowadays

  20. Legend has it that if you put this game in your 360 along with Red Faction Guerrilla, they combine to form Half-Life 3.

  21. Doesn't matter when the game cane out everyone was still busy playing halo 3

  22. I still play that game here and there, it's one of my favorite game that I played when I was a kid. Glad to see the game is getting recognized 😁

  23. This game is etched into my memory. Perhaps one of the rare gems of those times that still empresses with it's achievements in writing and gameplay.

  24. OMG is that grandpa Max gone undercover for the Plumbers as Karl Falco AND Tasun?!! The crossover we didn’t know existed.

  25. i remember playing this back in the day i really enjoyed it

  26. i have no idea where to find this game now.

  27. I remember this game! I loved it, the human side is the best

  28. thank you for making this video the ammount of ppl i tell about this game and none of them have played it they need to remake it

  29. u brought back memories that ive completely forgotten. i remember that this game felt so realistic and hard to me back then 🥲

  30. i've been trying to find this game with a safe setup and a crack, i tried everywhere i could but failed

  31. I've been saying this for years, still have my 360 copy my shelf hahaha

  32. OH MY GOSH, I played this game so much as a kid, I think it's so dam underated, I'm glad someone is playing it.😃

  33. You sir, play the right Avatar game… I play evend the Ds and the Wii game.. And this last is much harder, believe me

  34. The avatar mobile game was my childhood. Had it on my iPod, was so disappointed when it got removed.

  35. I never got past that helicopter mission I was too retarded to know what to do at the time

  36. My favorite part of the game was it showed the other weapons the Navi should’ve used in the movies like the crossbows, clubs and hand carved swords and the game gave the Navi more magic powers too and they used them in battle.

  37. Not gonna lie, I’d kill for a remake of this, or a sequel game, even. I JUST WANT A MODERN AVATAR GAME GOD DAMMIT

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