The James Cameron’s AVATAR game is SURPRISINGLY good

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  1. I like ur style and i like your animation character how did u make it ?

  2. Iremember when i was a kid have so much fun destroing pandora with my flame thrower

  3. I rolled my eyes so many times during this and would’ve closed out had I not wanted to actually see the game. You’ve really gotta chill out with the cringey jokes

  4. A good tie in movie game is a oxymoron… there has never been one.. this one's decent tho 👌

  5. It was if you had a 3d TV. The Scorpion's tailboom came right out at you. You could increase the 3d intensity. If you have it on pc, increase res and framerate bring the quality up to date. Like the variety and choice on sides and vehicles.

  6. I honestly don't get it, why people moan about Na'Vi campaign? Its NOT difficult, just have to play smart and slow. Engage from maximum distance with the bow, ambush enemies, use staff on multiple targets and swords on single targets. Isn't difficult at all. Even attack helicopters and UMPs aren't that hard when you move around a lot and learn to land every arrow on target. Also, bows pack a serious punch when you take a few seconds to fully draw it, it's one shot = one kill mostly. I played both campaign with all the endings a few times, Na'Vi is still my fav choice.

  7. I love that Kev's avatar still wears his iconic Valkyn Skoria helmet.

  8. bruh i didint know that avatar has a game too .-.

  9. I nearly always played as human. It’s just way too much fun

  10. this was my favourite game when I was a kid back on the 360, SO FUCKING GOOD.

  11. Way of water is one of the best movies ive ever seen

  12. One big middle finger to all the irrational haters of fun in mr. Cameron's name. A week in, half a billion $. 😘🤫

  13. For years… I thought I was the only one…

  14. BRO this was my favorite game when I was a child I loved this game humanity for the win

  15. the guy who does the comissioners voice is grandpa max from ben10 thats amazing

  16. Is that Dr at the beginning who call him tiara, the same voice actor that plays the lonesome drifter in FNV?

  17. We need a movie where you follow a human merc across pandora. Just annihilating the poison-arrow-having natives. Show that all the humans want is useless rocks and the blue monkeys just savagely attack so you and your merc buddies just gotta Un-Alive those freaks. Think "Colonial Marines " but winning.

  18. Ayyyyyyy someone remembered this damn thing, I loved this as a kid.

  19. I remeber playing this on pc when I was 13 loved it soo much and the psp avatar was also good

  20. The godfather and scarface the game for the ps2 was awesome 👌 top notch

  21. Really, this game came out in 2009?

  22. Wait this was a real game… and it came out BEFORE the movie? What?! How did this fly under my radar?

  23. I love this game so much I got this game as one of those dads weekend type gifts where he knew I liked games and would just buy what he randomly came across in bargin bins normally it was a lot of games that I tried to get into but never could when I finally got this one I had that expectation but damn it was amazing my dad could tell it was the first time he really got something I was super into spent the whole weekend playing it game was amazing I love it still miss playing it so much

  24. I literally feel like im the only person to play this game. I thought the game was great and none of my friends played or even knew about it

  25. God, I miss Playmobil Pirates on my ds. That game had some of the best navel combat I have seen. It is really similar to assassin's creed black flag's ship combat, where you move the ship in a 2d space and have to swivel your ship around to aim at the other ships. This is not like a call of duty where you tilt it.

  26. legit played it way back when, enjoyed every second of it! I want to play it again, but I do not know how to play it now :'(

  27. I KNEW I recognized the voice of Dr. Monroe! It's Gregory Alan Williams, who'd go on to voice several characters in Fallout: New Vegas the following year; such as Cliff Briscoe, the Lonesome Drifter, Cook-Cook, Keith, etc.

  28. this is one of those niche childhood games I just played the heck out of

  29. I played this game years ago, when I was… well i dont remember but i have vague memories of it being really fun

  30. The fact that he just calls everything "avatar" is really uncomfortable😂

  31. Bro ok hear me out playmobile pirates, slapped on the ds back in the day.

  32. I want a avatar game but from the Navi perspective

  33. i got this game back in middle school on GameFly and played the HELL out of it. Conquest mode was fun XD

  34. first time seeing your videos. Really good entertainment, well done man thank you for this

  35. I loved that game on PC back then! Shredding blue ecologists and taking over their place. Awesome!

  36. They need to bring this to the Xbox Series S/X

  37. All that and then it also has the strategy part just when I thought it couldn’t possible have more gameplay XD

  38. I played the shit out of this after watching the movie, I was entirely absorbed into the world

  39. The multiplayer was really good back in the day too game I ever played

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