The History of Space Games! From Spacewar! to Starfield!

Space games have become one of the main reasons I still play video games today. The vastness of these games is unique and enjoyable. There truly is nothing like listening to post-rock and playing no man sky. So in amazement and hype for Starfield and all the space games I play today, I decided to make a history of space video games. Space games’ history is pervasive, and this video only begins to scratch the surface of all space games released to date and space’s influence on media as a whole. From Spacewar! to Starfield, spaces games have advanced so far, showing us new things. With excellent titles like Eve Online, Elite Dangerous, No Man Sky, Space Engineers, Kerbal Space Program, X4, and all the titles released to date, we can explore the vast galaxies of our world and imagine what might be beyond our universe.

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Chillstep | Sappheiros – Escape

Cosmos – Hazy (Amazing Song) @HazyHazyHazy

Imagine: Star Citizen @RobertsSpaceInd

No Man’s Sky Singularity Expedition Trailer

No Man’s Sky: 15 Minutes of Gameplay From the Atlas Rises Update

Elite Dangerous Trailer @elitedangerous

Kerbal Space Program Gameplay @KerbalSpaceProgramOfficial

EVE Online: Citadel Cinematic Trailer @eveonline

Wing Commander (DOS) – Intro & First Mission (Enyo 1) @FooAtari

Elite gameplay (PC Game, 1984) @Squakenet

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  1. Great video, I've been around since asteroids in 1980 on the Atari 2600 all the way up to current VR/elite dangerous with HOTAS setup, played wing commander, xwing, tie fighter, privateer, lately Everspace, Everspace 2, and looking forward to Starfield and Star Wars Outlaws

  2. Dang who knew space games had such a long history. Great video, keep ‘em coming!

  3. I was there when it began. I spent a lot of time playing Elite back in the day! I took time off from work to play Starfield when it releases.

  4. I'm sorry, this list is missing Homeworld. 😛

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