The Gunfighter | A Short Film by Eric Kissack (narrated by Nick Offerman)

In a small town in the old west, a lone and weary gunfighter enters a saloon. As he walks through the room surrounded by the people of the town, a voice begins narrating the scene, telling us exactly who this gunfighter is. But unlike every classic western to use the
narrator trope, the characters in this film can hear the voice.
This omniscient narrator quickly begins divulging the deepest, darkest secrets of the people in the saloon. He exposes infidelity, homosexuality, prejudice and even a bit of bestiality. As the story unfolds it becomes evident that the voice is a bloodthirsty bastard that wants nothing more than to see the people of the town kill each other in a needless gunfight.

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The Gunfighter won the following Awards:

Los Angeles Film Festival – WINNER – Audience Award, Best Short
Palm Springs Short Film Festival – Best of Fest Selection
LA Shorts – WINNER – Best Comedy Short


The Gunfighter has been shown on following festivals:

Cleveland International Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival
Traverse City Film Festival
Woods Hole Film Festival
Sidewalk Film Festival
Hell’s Half Mile Film Festival
South Dakota Film Festival
Napa Valley Film Festival


Director: Eric Kissack
Screenplay: Kevin Tenglin
Producer: Sarah Platt
Music: Paul Thomson


  1. Freaking beautiful. Found this video from a comment in an omletto video and im glad XD took me long enough.

  2. This is brain candy. Pure gold. Brilliantly written. And perfectly casted and acted. They were all perfect. This is almost too perfect. Its hard to get all of it right. There is like 20 gems in this. Damn good stuff.

  3. Wow. This is absolutely perfect. Just perfect.

  4. I can't quit laughing, Bravo 👌👉💨

  5. My boss is asleep at his desk and i had the hardest time not laughing at this and waking him up 😂

  6. Nick offerman is one of our generations best talents with his own "dying art" type of talent .. one, his voice is THEE BEST for any narrative and two, his wood work.. my dad was the only other man I've ever known to find art in wood working… lost art for sure!!

  7. The narrator – a voice of pure evil or just the devil having fun telling the truth? You decide….

  8. Seen this bit like ten times over the course of 6 years and still love it. The best short film I'Ve ever seen….

  9. Hello I think it is a very good Film, could you give me permission to dub it?

  10. 🤣😂😭🤣👍👍👍👍😃👍

  11. 2022 now, look for years but never get enough of it

  12. "whos saying that stuff" that one line is EPIC

  13. Is this the new Tarantino up coming movie? Absolutely grand!

  14. I have always used the line, "I hate westerns" but this near 9 minute masterpiece has literally smashed my ability to use the line ever again. I now watch this short film fairly regularly and I just love it. It is fun, funny, dramatic and quite simply brilliant. The actors are superb and the production is epic and I want to sincerely thank Eric Kissack for the consistency of laughter evoked. This work is magic.🦘

  15. I really enjoyed that, it was the best 8 minutes, really rare that happens when something is that good to watch.

  16. Gunfighter hears voice: “Ron Swanson?”

  17. If you like that but want to watch it for a movie's length, then watch Stranger Than Fiction.

  18. I watched this on Amazon Prime, thinking it was going to be a full length movie. I was pissed it only went for 9 minutes. I want a full length version.

  19. A little hint of the hateful eight here🤣

  20. Please let this voice-over disease happen to all U$A political media

  21. Is that nick Offerman lect of mc who's been sitting in his chair the whole time?

  22. Funniest stuff I've seen for a long time

  23. The long road from Cheyenne have taken their toll… 😳

  24. Based on a true story. All of this happened to me last week .

  25. Anyone know where I can get the script for this? Looked everywhere and cannot find it.

  26. I wana see a whole western film with all of thwm in it exactly like this 😀

  27. Possibly, the most enjoyable 8 minutes I've watched in recent and distant memory. Thanks for that.

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